Everything You Need to Know About Adding a eBike Trailer

Everything You Need to Know About Adding a eBike Trailer

The Joy of Electric Bike Customizations: Everything You Need to Know About Adding a Chariot or eBike Trailer


The freedom and joy of being on the open road using your fat tire eBike is something you only want to enhance with additional accessories. Everything from adding a simple rear basket for carrying library books home to boosting visibility with nighttime reflectors for your safety is an improvement.


While trying to find the perfect set of personalized accessories for your fat tire electric bike, you may want to consider including a chariot or eBike trailer. These expand the usable space of your eBike so you can bring along a favorite pet, adorable child, or all the gear you could want for a fishing trip.


Let’s look closer at how these enhancements elevate your overall eBike for adults experience as well as go over some tips to ensure you get the most out of the eBike trailer or chariot you choose.


Understanding Your eBike's Capabilities


Just like you’d need to look at the details of a car towing a trailer, you want to examine your specific eBike’s capabilities when selecting a chariot.


Fat tire electric bikes offer better control on various terrains. You get a much smoother ride because the lower tire pressure allows the fat tires to better absorb any unwanted dips, bumps, or unevenness.


As you pull an eBike trailer or chariot, be sure your eBike has the power, build, and braking system to ensure the complete safety of your passenger or cargo. For example, our Freedare Saiga All-terrain Fat Tire eBike offers:


  • Better acceleration with active torque sensors.
  • 4G GPS tracking in case you forget where you parked your trailer after a hike.
  • A 750-watt BAFANG motor with top speeds of 28mph.
  • 20Ah battery capacity with pedal assistance for cruising up to 90 miles per charge (maybe a little less when towing).
  • 26 x 4.0 Kenda fat tires best suited for flat roads, sand, mud, snow, trials, and more.


All of these features ensure you have the power and capability to tow your kiddo to the park, dog to the waterfront, or groceries after a long day of work. Now for the good stuff – all about chariots and trailers!


What is an eBike Chariot vs. an eBike Trailer?


Before you hop on your fat tire electric bike and hit the road, you may want to consider attaching an electric bike trailer or chariot. The differences are pretty simple between the two.


An eBike chariot tends to have one to three wheeled carriages that attach to the rear frame of your electric bike. They are primarily designed to carry passengers like your pets (dogs, cats, small goats, etc.) or children.


You would use an eBike chariot for:

  • Family outings to holiday parties, outdoor celebrations, or a day at the park.
  • Getting your pup over to some trails or a dog park.
  • Taking your kiddos to a playdate or to school.


In all cases, you need to pay close attention to the ventilation, safety components, UV protection, and weatherproofing of the chariot you choose. The parameters should fit the passenger you intend to tow behind your fat tire eBike.


An eBike trailer is much different. These can carry passengers, but are not designed for that purpose. Here, you are hauling cargo for things like:

  • Going on a camping trip and carrying your tent and other equipment.
  • Needing extra supplies when visiting a neighbor for a BBQ.
  • Carry all the swimming gear when your family goes down to the beach.
  • Bringing home groceries in a busy city when you don’t want to own a car.


You’ll find eBike trailers in a wide range of configurations and sizes that should fit your needs. You want to look at load capacity, ease of attachment, and whether the trailer has a support suspension so your equipment doesn’t get jostled around during your ride.


Top Tips for a Seamless eBike Trailer Experience


Fat tire eBike for adults often include a plethora of accessories to get you started. Most do not come with an eBike trailer or chariot, so you’ll need to explore your options carefully. Here are some quality tips from our team at Freedare to help you get the most bang for your buck.


  • Safety First: The weatherproofing, materials, load limits, and security straps (seatbelts) should all ensure your passengers or cargo is 100% safe as you enjoy your fat tire electric bike.
  • Local Laws: Be sure to read up on the local laws regarding towing an eBike trailer or chariot behind your fat tire electric bike. Some places may require specific towing capacities, safety precautions, or additional lighting options so cars see you coming and going.
  • Test Before You Ride: Go ahead and toss a few sandbags into the eBike trailer or chariot on our first ride. Not only will this help you test out the stability of the trailer, but it will also give you a chance to experience how your eBike for adults handles the added weight.
  • Controlled Release: The chariot or eBike trailer you use for your fat tire electric bike should include a secure, reliable, and easily accessible release. You don’t want to be messing around with detaching your trailer in the middle of a rainstorm.
  • Load Carefully: Try to balance your cargo so it is centrally located over the load-bearing wheels. It helps if you add a flag to the back of your trailer so people can see that you are towing something behind your fat tire electric bike when they are up higher in a car or truck.


Finally, have some safety and maintenance gear with you. A little first aid kit and a maintenance puncture kit are good to keep handy just in case something goes wrong.


As an added bonus, our Freedare Saiga fat tire electric bike and Freedare Eden fat tire ebikes for adults also give you access to the Freedare Mobile App. That works as an anti-theft precaution with real-time GPS monitoring, so you never misplace your eBike trailer or chariot.


Final Thoughts


Owning a fat tire electric bike is a pure joy. Adding an eBike trailer or chariot only makes the entire experience that much more enjoyable.

With these tips in mind and our Freedare app loaded on your mobile device, you’ll be able to enhance everything from picking up fresh fish for a BBQ to heading to the local park for a playdate! Be sure your eBike has the capacity for towing by working with our collection of Freedare fat tire electric bike models and test your trailer before you put any precious inside.



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