Brand Ambassador Partner

No matter you are an expert in the bicycle field or a cyclist lover, welcome to know and join us as our brand ambassador. Freedare is a professional electric bike company looking for brand ambassador partner.

If you have your eye on a Freedare Electric Bike, or already own one. Join FD ambassador team now! We are looking for bike enthusiasts, bike bloggers or athletes who are influential within their local or regional cycling community and who have the enthusiasm to write, film or capture images of what they do. We are looking for riders from every corner in the USA who possess a deep passion for cycling. We love collaboration with our ambassadors and you can get awesome benefits. 

What’s the Benefits for Our Ambassador?

FD Electric Bike

Free shipping to you

Referral commissions

Get commissions for referrals

Exclusive special offers

Chance to get special offers

New product experience

A chance to experience our new products

Why Should You Join as an Ambassador?

In addition to obtaining the benefits of our products, you can also expand your influence in this field and career development as an influencer. More importantly, we all share the same goals and concepts. You who love cycling join us to promote e-bikes and young lifestyle, we effort in iterate better e-bikes for everyone.

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