More than an Electric Bike
Not Just a Recording App
  • Anti-Theft with GPS Tracking
  • Personal Route Planning
  • Theft and Roll Over Alerts
  • Intelligent Ebike Inspection System
974 5th Ave, NY
398-306 W 30th St

Find My Bike

Whether near or far, you'll be able to locate your bike
at all times with GPS tracking. Follow the signal to
pinpoint its exact location, without fear of theft.

Personal Route

Collect your interested journey and start your daily riding with just one click.
You can also make a riding plan to help you travel easily and intelligently.

  • 1Manhattan Park
  • 2Hudson River Greenway
  • 3Brooklyn Bride
  • 4Manhattan Bridge

Intelligent Inspection

Manage your eBike with one click on personal device page. Start the intelligent ebike
inspection system, check before and after each cruise, and travel safely.

Theft Alerts

If your ebike rolls over, moves while locked such as when someone
attempts to snatch your bike, we'll notify you right away.

Note: Unexpected moving detected.

Digital key

Unlock your bike and start your ride with a simple tap in the app. You're the only one who can turn it on.

15mins for full charged
398-306 W 30th St
Let‘s ride
Check your riding data through the app at a glance, including real-time mileage, accumulated mileage, and remaining power.

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