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Participation requires meeting 4 requirements:
1. You are the owner of Freedare ebike
2. The article provided must be more than 500 words.
3. Relevant original photos need to be provided, and more than 3 photos should be used to accompany the blog post.
4. You need to agree to authorize Freedare to publish and use it.

Once your story is selected, it will be published on Freedare’s official website, social media, and you will also receive a US$80 reward.

Activity Statement

If your content is selected, we will post it on Freedare website and social media and notify you via email.

Once selected, you grant Freedare the permission to use your content in our newsletter, emails, website, social media channels (including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), and any other promotional materials distributed by Freedare.

Our staff may make slight alterations to the blog content in order to fit our website site properly.

By submitting the photo and article, you guarantee that you are the author and copyright holder of the material.
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