Why be smart?

As a cycling enthusiast, Mike, the CEO of Freedare with 10 years of experience in software development, has an exploratory spirit in the electric bicycle industry.

He believes that in the field of short-distance travel in the future, electric bicycles will bring more convenient and interesting experiences to people's lives. Based on nearly 3,000 user demand surveys and observations on the electric bicycle field in North America, he found that users have more safety and fun exploration needs. With the spirit of exploration, the exploration journey of Freedare's smart electric bike project start.

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After continuous research and improvement in a year, Mike, together with the team, finally developed a high-performance smart fat tire electric bike equipped with an IOT system, so as to more comprehensively meet the needs of most of the people, which makes intelligent no more gimmicks and unreachable high-end intelligence. FD interprets how to create better bikes and bring better experience for outdoor cycling.

Now, Freedare Smart Electric Bicycle is committed to taking your experience to a higher level. Remote location of ebike, calorie statistics are just part of this. Join Freedare to explore more fun! Let’s build a green planet together!

Team Profile

Freedare group was established 10 years ago and mainly engaged in outdoor sports fields, electric bikes, e-scooters, skateboards etc. Freedare has long-term cooperation with many well-known brands around the world. Also, an A-level supplier of many sports brands.

FREEDARE USA, which set up in Delaware in 2022, specializes in electric bikes. The R&D and production center is set up in Shenzhen. Freedare has an advanced product line, professional product designers, product structure engineer and customer care team.

FD team ensures that all products meet consistent quality standards. Our warehouse covers the United States and Canada and is dedicated only to service our users as good as leading brands or even better.

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