Torques Sensor VS Speed Sensor

Freedare electric bike with torque sensor

What is torque sensing?

Torque sensors convert physical changes in torque into precise electrical signals. Torque sensors can be used in the many products, which have the advantages of high precision, fast frequency response, good reliability, and long live life.


The torque sensor generates electromotive force through two groups of coils and amplifies and controls the motor speed by the controller. The higher the step frequency, the faster the motor, which is linear in theory. Moreover, the magnetic induction can reach zero start-up.


What are the benefits of applying torque transducer to an electric bike?

Torque-sensing electric bicycles are safe, comfortable, and long-lived, providing an excellent riding experience. Other electric bicycles with non-torque sensing technology are either sluggish, or rush forward suddenly, and have no linearity. Traditional speed sensors are cheap but poor riding experience. When you ride Freedare's Ebike pedals a little harder, the bike sends out a smooth boost signal for a safe and easy start. If you don’t step on the foot, the motor will not help. The light step on the foot is small, and the heavy step on the foot is great. Just like an electric car can understand the rider’s intention, the assist is fast, stable, and linear. You can easily control the speed of the car with the pedal speed, that is, the pedal will move, and the pedal will stop, no need to cut off the brake lever, which is safer. Signal, easy uphill!


What’s more?

Speed sensor in electric bike can be dangerous sometime. I once pushed electric bike cross the sidewalk, and the power assist suddenly started, Luckily I drag it back. All speed sensor ebike must be powered off if you are pushing the ebike. The speed sensing system can’t identify if you are pushing or cycling at low speed, but there are two ways to alleviate it:

  1. Using the variable speed system, basically the crank will not follow when the cart is pushed;
  2. Set the controller low output at low speed, but it is very uncomfortable to start the e-bike.

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  • Donald Dauenheimer on

    I wonder torque sensor, When I start the pedal push, There is a delay time running elec motor

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