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Powerful Smart Ebike with GPS

Smart Ebike

Multiple scenarios to ride
Freedare Smart Electric Bicycle is committed to taking your experience to a higher level.

FD Saiga All-terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike丨UL Certified

Powrful 750 Watt
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FD Eden Step-thru Electric Bike丨UL Certified

Powerful 750 Watt
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Why Smart?

Torque Sensor

Intelligent sensing cadence, smooth riding and smooth acceleration
Why Smart?

GPS System

Qualcomm chip intelligent operation
IoT System Integration

We're your key to a smarter, safer ride with the smart lot integration, You can inspect the electric component for the ebike and track your e-bike's location anytime, anywhere.

freedare ebike with smart Iot system

Accessories & Component

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Support Center

Assembly Guide & Instructions

Freedare App

Start a cycling log and enjoy your cruising Track your FD Ebike in anytime and anywhere.
◉Anti-theft System
◉Ebike Inspection System
◉Plan and Record Your Route

Youtuber Reviews

SAICA Reciew by CitizenCycle

“The pedal assist works great. It’s torque sensor. It’s very responsive very smooth, I Iike he torque sensor. 750watt power no problem carrying me up that hill.”

EDEN x Monkey Wrench Mike

"It's really, really FUN! In this video, I'll give you a complete Freedare Eden review and tell all about its features. The company says this is the first "smart" electric bike that features a "find my bike" on its App! "

EDEN Review by TailHappyTV

"The Freedare Eden is an electric bike with a claimed range of up to 90 miles. This ebike has an app with a GPS feature that allows you to track the electric bike location which may help with theft related issues."

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