Warranty Policy

2 Years Repair Warranty

All Freedare bikes are covered under a 2-year warranty for essential main components from the date you receive the goods, unless otherwise noted on the product page. During this period, you are eligible for free repair. The manufacturer's warranty covers all manufacturing defects. Please note that all free accessories are not covered by this warranty service.

This 2-year warranty pertains to any essential electric bicycle component found defective, provided that the product was used in a standard and controlled manner and maintained according to the manufacturer’s instructions manual. Essential main components include the bicycle frame, motor, battery, charger, and display.

Corrosion on electrical components is not covered by the warranty. To prevent corrosion and oxidization, it is recommended that you dry the contacts on the battery and other electrical parts.

Please understand the following parts are backed by a 12-month warranty:

Components name Warranty statement
IOT During the warranty period, any failures caused by product quality problems under normal use will be covered by limited warranty. However, damage caused by opening the shell, damaged connectors due to impact, damage to the shell, broken or scratched leads, and damage caused by force majeure (such as fire) or natural disasters (such as earthquakes or lightning strikes) are not covered under the warranty.
controller, headlights, taillights, brake handles, throttle, sensors Product performance failure or quality problem.
 front forks, handlebars, stems, front and rear rims, hubs, center axles, flywheels, chainring, cranks, seat tubes, seat tube clamps, seat cushions, disc brake clamps, front bowl sets, front baskets, rear racks Natural deformation, failure, fracture and other quality problems.
Pedal Warranty is provided only for defects in design or manufacturing process. If the pedal is damaged due to human factors or improper use, warranty service will not be provided.

Attention: Freedare will offer free components and replacement parts for warranty. Any installation and repair fees will not be covered by Freedare unless authorized by the after-sales team.

If the buyer has damaged/misused the item(s) without following the owners' manual instructions, it will not be eligible for free repair, however customers can return it at their own cost and pay a fee for the repair. Return shipping fees will be the customer's responsibility in such cases.

Term of Limited Warranty:

Only the original owner of an ebike purchased from Freedarebike.com is covered by this Limited Warranty. The Warranty Period begins upon your receipt of the ebike and shall end immediately upon the earlier of the end of the Warranty Period or any sale or transfer of the ebike to another person. Under no circumstances shall the Limited Warranty apply to any subsequent owner or other transferee of the ebike.

We shall not be liable if you install, operate or maintain your Ebike without following the owners' manual instructions. This limited warranty is void if the bicycle is subjected to abuse, neglect, improper repair, improper use, improper maintenance, alteration, modification, an accident or other abnormal, excessive or natural disasters.

  • The limited warranties do not cover normal wear and tear of any covered component. Ordinary wear and tear not resulting from defects in workmanship or materials, is not covered. Wear and tear will be assessed by the seller. Normal wear parts typically covered include but are not limited to: tires/tubes, spokes, parking racks, chains, brake pads, brake cables, gear cables, handle sleeves, bells, wires.
    • Frame issues excluded from this warranty include but are not limited to:
      1. Corrosion, rust or oxidization
      2. Paint fade, scratches, and impact marks
      3. Impact damage
      4. Non-reversible modification (such as drilling or welding)
      5. Chain guard mounted to the frame ( if applicable)
    • Defects or damage caused by private modification, is not covered. Damage resulting from improper assembly or maintenance, or from installation of parts and accessories not compatible with the Freedare Ebike, is not covered.
    • Scratches, dents, and cosmetic damage, unless caused by Freedare.
    • Defects or damage resulting from external causes such as collision, fire, flooding, windstorms, lightning, earthquakes, exposure to weather conditions, theft, blown fuses, or improper use of any electrical source.
    •  In addition, with respect to the battery, this Limited Warranty does not cover defects or damage resulting from the following actions or situations:
      1. Defects or damage caused by accidents, abuse, misuse, abnormal use (including but not limited to stunt riding, racing or other similar activities inconsistent with the intended use of the product), improper storage, abnormal exposure to liquids, chemical exposure, moisture, abrasives, sand or dirt, negligence or abnormal physical, electrical or electromechanical stresses;
      2. Defects or damage caused by personal modification;
      3. Scratches, dents and appearance damage;
      4. Goods whose serial numbers or bar codes have been removed, defiled, damaged, altered or rendered illegible;
      5. Ordinary wear and tear;
      6. Defects or damages caused by improper use of the product or auxiliary/peripheral equipment;
      7. Defects or damage caused by assembly, testing, operation, maintenance, installation, service, repair or adjustment of the product in a manner different from the Assembly Instructions or User Manual;
      8. Defects or damage caused by external causes, such as collisions, fires, floods, storms, lightning, earthquakes, exposure to weather conditions, theft, blown fuses or improper use of any power source;
      9. Improper use of battery charger;
      10. Any seals on the battery are damaged or show signs of tampering;
      11. Batteries have been used for equipment other than bicycles with specified batteries.

    Credit Card Chargebacks:

    If any ebike purchase becomes subject to a credit card chargeback in any amount, and you are still in possession of the ebike, then this Limited Warranty shall be invalidated until the credit card chargeback has been resolved.

    How to Make a Warranty Claim?

    To submit a warranty claim for your Ebike, please email our support team with photos and videos of the issue. Please be aware that Freedare will not replace any parts without first seeing evidence of the damaged product. Customers must provide this evidence by email. We will repair or replace defective parts or units at our discretion. Customers are responsible for shipping fees if returning the parts is necessary, while we will cover the shipping fees for sending the repaired item back to the customer. For more details on our return and refund policy, please check the return policy page on our website - www.freedarebike.com.

    Shipping Damage Claims:
    In rare instances, the item received may be damaged during transportation. If the item that arrives damaged, incomplete or in need of replacement parts, contact Freedare customer care at support@freedarebike.com within three days of receiving the item to report the error or damage. Please provide us with photo or video proof.

    NOTICE: We will not accept shipping damage claims filed more than 7 days after receipt of any products.

    This warranty policy applies only to products purchased on our website. If you have purchased from other platforms or dealers, please refer to their warranty policy. If you have any questions about our warranty policy, please contact us at support@freedarebike.com.