Safety Checklists Before Your First & Each Ride

Safety Checklists Before Your First & Each Ride


Safety checklists

Before your first ride

  • Make sure handlebar cables were routed correctly when the handlebar was installed. Turn the handlebar fuly to the left and right and make sure this doesn't pull any of the cables or wires taut.
  • Make sure your pedals are secure using a pedal wrench. Torque to 35 Nm.
  • Check that the cable connectors on the bike are all plugged in securely and that nothing loosened in shipping.
  • Check the brake functions per the directions in checking brakes & motor cutoff switches but note that breaks can rub a little the first few times you ride. This is okay and normal; any squeak or noise should go away with use.
  • Check everything on the "Before every ride" list below.


Before every ride

Before every ride or every 25-45 miles (40-72 km), follow the safety checklist in the table below. If you find anything amiss with your bike don't ride it until you're sure it's fixed. Consult a local, certified, and reputable bike mechanic or explore our Help Center at contact-us page.



  • Ensure all fasteners are correctly tightened according to the specifications in Tools and Recommended Torque Values.
  • Check that all quick-release levers, including the quick release on the front wheel and the seat post, are tight and properly secured.
  • Check that the fasteners on any accessories you've added are properly tightened according to the manufacturer's instructions.


Brake system: brake caliper, brake lever

  • Check brake pads and ensure the brake pad material isn't thinner than the backing plate it attaches to.
  • Ensure brake pads are correctly positioned in relation to the brake rotors.
  • Ensure brake housing shows no obvious wear.
  • Ensure brake levers are properly positioned and tightly secured to the handlebar.
  • Ensure the brake lever tension is appropriate.
  • If your ebike is equipped with wired electronic taillights. Check that the tail light brightens when you squeeze each brake lever.
  • Use the techniques in "Checking brakes & motor cutoff switches" by following Freedare ebike manual to test the brake levers, brakes, and motor cutoff switches


Wheels & tires

  • Ensure tires are holding air and inflated to within the PSl limits displayed on the tire sidewalls.
  • Ensure tires have good tread, have no bulges or excessive wear, and are free from any other damage.
  • Ensure rims run true and have no obvious wobbles, dents, or kinks. Please refer to "Tire and wheel care" on the Freedare ebike manual for more details.
  • Check each wheel spoke. lf any are loose or broken, seek help from a certified, reputable mechanic.
  • Check the axle nuts on the rear wheel to ensure they are correctly tightened (Please refer to "Tools and Recommended Torque Values" on Freedare ebike manual for more details.)
  • Check the security of the front-wheel quick release and the rear wheel mounting hardware. The wheel security and hardware torque
  • Should also be checked on a regular basis. Either wheel can become loose or unsecured with normal use.


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