How to Adjust the Handlebars of Your Electric Bicycle

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It can be exhilarating to hop on your new electric bike and head out for a long day of cruising, errands, and enjoying the fresh air. However, you may want to complete a few pre-ride tasks to ensure a smooth, comfortable, and optimally positioned ride.

One of the tasks involves adjusting the handlebars of your electric bicycle so they fit your desired ride style and height. Most of the time, you can adjust the seat first, and that’ll do the trick, but not every ebike is designed the same.

Let’s go over some of the essential information you need to get the handlebars on your ebike for adults perfectly set.


Why Adjust an Ebike’s Handlebars?


The handlebars of ebike directly relate to your comfort level and enhance control and efficiency. The proper adjustment provides an easy riding posture on your arms, neck, and back. That is how you get a longer ride with less strain on your body.

If you have a lot of terrain riding you want an adjustment that prevents slippage or losing control going uphill, downhill, or over wet rocks.


Benefits of Adjustment

There are two major reasons to change your adult electric bike’s handlebar positioning. Both relate to the type of riding you expect to enjoy.


  • Raised Handlebars: With higher handlebars, you get a more upright position that lowers the strain on your body. This setting is better for those seeking comfort over speed.
  • Lowered Handlebars: Here is where you move your body into a more aerodynamic posture. When you’re seeking speed and efficiency, you want this position to maximize the performance of your fat tire ebike for adults.


Again, it all comes down to what best suits your unique lifestyle and riding situation. We suggest riding the ebike around the block first to see where you sit and then making an adjustment.


    Tips to Buy a Stem Raiser


    As already mentioned, many adult electric bikes can benefit from a stem raiser. This allows you to get even more height out of your handlebars, especially if you have a fixed or low-adjusted setup. However, to get the most out of your stem raisers, you may want to change for specific needs that include:


    • Correct Reach: This is all about strain on your neck and back. Find the right reach that leaves your body comfortable so you aren’t overextended or cramped.
    • Optimal Position: You want a slight bend in your elbows so that when the wheels bounce, you are locked into position. A good trick is to sit on your ebike with your hands on the handlebars. Look down at the front hub, and if the handlebars cover it, you’re good.
    • Experiment with Length: Stem raisers allow you to test out if certain heights give you more or less control. Don’t be afraid to try a few settings so you get the most out of your ebike.
    • Stem Angle: This goes back to posture. You may also want to adjust the angle to better look at any controls or screens on your ebike.


    One last tip for your adult electric bike is to not adjust your handlebars based on some settings from professional cyclists. These are people who ride for hours on end with thousands of miles under their tires in a typical week or month.

     You’re far better off seeking a setting that suits your unique body type, size, comfort, and riding goals.


    How to Make an Adjustment

    Freedare Saiga handlebar raiser
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    Not every fat tire ebike for adults will be made the same way. Some electric bicycles have adjustable handlebars, while others have fixed-height handlebars.

    For example, our Freedare Saiga All-Terrain 750-Watt eBike is a fixed-height handlebar but easily assembled. The handlebars slip into a 4-screw holder and an additional two screws that control the fixed position of the handlebars for added ride security. We have a great instructional video on assembling your FD Saiga that covers how the handlebars are configured. If you are looking for a stem raiser for your Freedare high-performance, 750-watt electric bike, please remember to choose the size of 31.8mm.


    Some general tips for adjusting the handlebars on any ebike would be:


    • Loosen the Stem Bolts: Use an Allen key wrench to loosen the corresponding bolts on the stem of your ebike. These are what clamp the handlebar onto the stem.
    • Adjust the Height: Set the height to the position you desire. Sometimes, this will involve removing the washer or “separators.” You may want to consider a stem raiser if none is available.
    • Align the Handlebars: Before you tighten anything, ensure the handlebars are aligned with your front wheel and your desired level of control for straight, predictable handling.
    • Tighten the Bolts: All that is left to do is tighten the bolts and screws around your handlebars to hold the desired position in a firm place.


    Final Thoughts


    Purchasing a fat tire ebike for adults like our FD Saiga All-Terrain option is a wonderful new experience. It allows you an eco-friendly ride that is versatile and easy to use.

    Adjusting the handlebars to your unique body style guarantees the most comfort and performance out of your ride. While our steps are sure to help, always review your owner’s manual for any extra insights so you don’t void warranties or skip an essential step.

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