Top Four Reasons Why U Should Buy the Freedare Smart E-bike

Top Four Reasons Why U Should Buy the Freedare Smart E-bike

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Reason 1: UL Certified

UL certified electric bike must be your first choice for buying an electric bicycle in 2024. Because it means safety and quality assurance. If you have been paying attention to the news about electric bicycle battery fires in 2023, you may have a better understanding of why it is important to have UL-certified battery systems and electric bike. Both electric bike launched by Freedare have dual UL certifications, and the certification reports are traceable. Check this article for more information:《Freedare electric bike with UL certification 2271 & 2849》


Reason 2: Excellent Configuration

Why are we confident in our configuration? This is because the core components of Freedare electric bike use brand components that are recognized for their quality and reliability in the industry.


For example, the first core component of the bike is the motor, which provides power assistance.

The Freedare e-bike is power by Bafang's brushless motor. If you want to know what a brushless motor is, we will continue to introduce it in another blog topic.


The battery pack is the second essential part that constitutes an e-bike. The Freedare electric bike is equipped with Samsung's battery cells numbering 21700. If you want to know more configuration-related information, you can browse the product details page. I believe you will gain something.

freedare saiga fat tire electric bike with GPS

 Photo shoot by @TopToBottomMTB

Reason 3: Reasonable Price

The price of Freedare has remained consistently reasonable, from the initial online pre-sale all the way through to the official launch. This unwavering dedication to affordability is just one of the many reasons why Freedare is the smart choice for those seeking quality products at a fair price.


As long as you make a simple comparison, you will find that the price of other electric bicycles with the same configuration on the market is much higher than the Freedare.


Reason 4: GPS System + APP

The last and most special point. The GPS anti-theft function integrate the electric bicycle means that you can locate your electric bicycle at any time through the mobile app. Freedare spent a year integrating GPS and App. We believe this is a worthwhile effort to improve riders’ confidence and convenience in using e-bikes on a daily basis. 


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