Freedare electric bike with UL certification 2271 & 2849

Freedare electric bike with UL certification 2271 & 2849


Are you considering getting an electric bike? It's important to understand the safety standards that apply to electric bike. You may have heard of UL certification, but you might not know exactly what it entails. Don't worry, follow this article to get more details.

What is electric bike’s UL certification?

UL certification is an important factor for consumers to consider when evaluating the safety of e-bike batteries and electrical components. The certification helps minimize the risk of fire and includes a review of the electrical drivetrain, battery and charger. UL 2849 certification is recognition of electrical safety of e-bikes.

"UL certification for e-bike batteries is not just about making them fire-resistant, but also resistant to other forms of abuse or damage. The certification ensures that the battery has an airtight seal, that the battery closure can hold up against impacts, direct heat, light rain, and that the wiring is designed to protect against accidental short circuits. UL certified batteries are also tested to ensure they can withstand overcharging, over-discharging, short-circuiting, and imbalanced charging."

Freedare Ebikes: Saiga and Eden are UL Certified

First and foremost, I'm pleased to tell riders that all Freedare electric bicycles have gained UL2849 electric bike certification and UL2271 electric bike battery certification. In other words, both the Freedare Saiga and Freedare Eden models have passed these rigorous safety tests and are considered safe and reliable for riders to use. At Freedare, we believe that safety should always come first. That's why we're willing to invest necessary time and resources to ensure that our products are fully compliant with all relevant safety standards. We prioritize safety over marketing or promotional activities, so you can feel confident that you're making the right choice when you choose a Freedare electric bicycle.

New York and other cities now have a requirement for UL certification for ebike. Freedare only sells e-bikes that are UL-certified, which assures New York City residents that they can safely ride around the city. E-bikes undergo rigorous testing and are certified according to UL standards, which ensures that the e-bike batteries meet the highest safety standards. Discover the ultimate in reliable and environmentally-friendly solutions. Experience a delightful journey now.


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