Why do you need a smart electric bicycle support?

Why do you need a smart electric bicycle support?


Over half a million electric bikes were sold in the US in 2021. Why? Getting that thrilling ride in the open air with the modern convenience that won’t leave you sweating when you arrive at work, an appointment, or even worse, a date is essential to daily life.

Freedare team wants to help you have a worry-free electric bike experience. We’ve developed a powerful and feature-rich eBike mobile app that will lower the chance of someone stealing your favorite transportation option.

Why Do You Need Smart Electric Bike Support?

Unfortunately, not everyone wants to let you enjoy the freedom of the open road with a powerful Freedare Saiga eBike as your ride. By the end of 2020, around 96,000 bikes were stolen from their owners. Now, imagine those same bike thieves checking out your fresh new Freedare electric bike sitting outside your apartment. Pretty tantalizing, isn’t it?

With our easy-to-use eBike app, you get:

  • Peace of Mind: using Freedare app ensures your electric bike is always connected to a GPS tracker. That connection allows you to detect, get alerts, and find your eBike no matter where it goes next.
  • Greater Security: you invest your hard-earned cash into a quality Freedare eBike. Why put that at risk? Our mobile app allows you to detect even if your bike happens to get rolled over or moved without your consent.
  • Real-Time Updates: Freedare equips our mobile app with battery status updates, current mileage, and other crucial stats so you stay informed at every turn of the wheel.
  • It’s Fun: have you ever wanted to dry a fun digital signature on a map using a GPS? Our mobile app has features like personal route planning, caloric counting, and so many other benefits that make your next ride a truly enjoyable experience.

 Freedare Electric Bike GPS Tracking

How Freedare Boosts Your eBike Ride?

Still on the fence? No problem. Our mobile app and advanced technologies are jam-packed with features sure to help you get the most out of your Freedare Eden eBike. FD electric bikes are equipped with anti-theft features through GPS tracking. You’ll never lose sight of your electric bicycle again as the mobile app connects to the tracker so you can locate your bike.

If you do happen to misplace your electric bike, use the Find My Bike feature from our mobile app. This will send you an updated and accurate location of where your ride is on a map. All you need to do is put on a good pair of shoes and follow the map to your electric bike.

Beyond anti-theft measures, we’ve also added personal route planning and total mobile management. With only one tap of your app, you can quickly get a comprehensive check of your electric bike’s essential systems. Everything from the condition of the motor to the condition of the torque sensors is detected so you have an accurate reading before maintenance becomes an issue.

Ready to Take a Ride with Freedare?

We know plenty of electric bikes are available on the market, but none have the power of our best eBike app that will give you real-time and accurate info on your favorite ride.

Simply download Freedare eBike mobile app and give yourself peace of mind from thieves or accidental misplacement so you can charge up, toss on a helmet, and enjoy all the benefits of Freedare electric bicycles.

FAQ for Freedare Smart Electric Bike:
  • Can my phone track my bike ride?

Yes, with the GPS tracker for bike feature, you can track your bike rides in real time. We include a Find My Bike system, so if you lose your bike, you can track it down.


  • Can I leave eBike anywhere?

While our eBike mobile app provides exceptional anti-theft features, parking your Freedare electric bike in a safe area is always advisable.

Experience the Future of ebike with Freedare’s Advanced Mobile App Now. Share and leave your thoughts in the comments section.


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