Tracking the Production of Freedare eBike

Tracking the Production of Freedare eBike


Freedare is nearing the end of pre-launch campaign for our smart electric bike. We are very grateful to our teammates and all customers who have supported us from the beginning of development until now.

Part of bike production is still in progress. Let’s follow the camera to see part of Freedare’s electric bicycle manufacturing process!

Freedare Eden Electric Bike Frame Color Red

(Freedare Eden Electric Bike Frame Color Red)

Bike frames undergo a meticulous sequence of steps: From meticulous washing, drying, and dust removal to precise painting, baking, and curing. We ensure durability and flawless aesthetics through a 100-grid test and a falling ball impact test, guaranteeing a corrosion-resistant and textured frame.

After the frame production completed, we will enter a more complex assembly and debugging process, in which we need to install components, connect circuits, test products, and package products.

Freedare Electric Bike Production Process
Freedare eBike Production Line

(Freedare eBike Production Line)

At every stage of production, our skilled technicians and engineers work diligently to ensure that every component is assembled with precision.

After completing frame production, we will proceed to a more intricate assembly and debugging process that involves component installation, circuit connection, product testing, and packaging.

Freedare Electric Bike-SR Saddle
(Freedare Electric Bike-SR Saddle)
Freedare Saiga Electric Bike Production

(Freedare Saiga Electric Bike Production)

Additionally, Freedare electric bike packaging has undergone over 100 drop tests to ensure the e-bike arrives intact for the rider. To prevent the possible damage during transportation.

From the cutting-edge technology embedded in our frames to the carefully selected parts that enhance performance, we commit to providing you with reliable, durable, and innovative e-bikes.

These photos capture some step of our production process, showcasing the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into each and every bike we create.

These are more than just snapshots; they are a representation of our integrity, authenticity, and our passion for creating electric bike that elevate your riding experience.


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