Top Tips for Investing in an Extra Saddle on Your Adult Electric Bike

Top Tips for Investing in an Extra Saddle on Your Adult Electric Bike


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In 2022, around 1.1 million eBikes were sold in the United States. That number has only grown since then as more consumers experience the freedom, energy efficiency, and versatility of a fat tire ebike. 

While getting your hands on a brand new all-terrain electric bike feels like Christmas, not every part of the new ebike will perfectly adapt to your needs. That is why many riders complement some parts with customizable options for better results. 

One of the more unique parts of cruising electric bikes people are adjusting includes purchasing extra saddles for different types of rides. Here is a quick overview of the reasoning and what you should watch out for using our buyer's guide. 

Why Replace Your eBike Saddle?

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First and foremost, you need a reason to replace your ebike saddle. Most adult electric bikes have been carefully designed by a team of experts to provide all the freedom and convenience you could ever want. However, not everyone is made the same and has similar interests. 

Some of the points for purchasing an extra saddle for a fat tire ebike include: 

  • Weight Adaptation: Different ebike saddles support varying body weights, sizes, and shapes. You want something very efficient to not only be comfortable for your body, but reduce any strain on the ebike frame. 
  • Ride Quality: Of course, you could invest in a quality ebike saddle for comfort. Enjoying your cruising electric bike isn’t all that fun if your seat isn’t comfortable during the journey. 
  • Safety: Finally, replacing or upgrading your ebike saddle is crucial for safety. As long as you can fully control your electric bike, the saddle you choose should be okay. 

Benefits of Replacing an eBike Regular Riding Saddle

Let’s do a quick advantage/disadvantage comparison of securing additional saddles for adult electric bikes.


  • Using a modern, custom-fit ebike saddle improves your control without sacrificing the comfort you need to avoid soreness or numbness during your rides. 
  • As long as you are comfortable, you can spend more time on your cruising electric bike for longer rides. 
  • Your body is unique. Finding a varying shape and sized saddle that fits your unique body contours, bone structure, and weight distribution is crucial to success. 
  • Riding on mountain trails versus a beach boardwalk versus a race requires different equipment – including a unique saddle. 
  • Added airflow with specially designed extra saddles using particular curvatures or cutouts. 


  • Some higher quality extra ebike saddles can be a small investment. You’ll want to shop around to ensure you aren’t overspending on price. 
  • Not all ebike saddles work universally with different models. What is fantastic for the Freedare Saiga may not be the best for a competitor’s fat tire ebike. 
  • There is likely to be an adjustment period during which you are “breaking in” the new saddle. However, discomfort should decrease as you use this new accessory. 

Buyers Guide for Electric Bike Extra Saddles

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You should spend a bit of time researching the different ebike saddles available on the market so you can find the best-fit solution for your unique needs. There is a lot to consider and you want something that works with your ebike model, fits into your budget, and provides optimal comfort. 

In addition, a few things to look for include: 

  • Saddle Length: Most saddles fall into the 250-300mm range. A standard is likely to be 270-280mm with shorter “snub-nosed” and longer versions on either end of that spectrum. 
  • Saddle Shape: There are two “camps” when it comes to ebike saddle shape. You can get a curved saddle that feels like you’re fitting into a pocket and relieves unwanted pressure. Flatter saddles are also an option that makes it easier to “scoot” forward and backward on the saddle. 
  • Saddle Cutouts: For those who prefer mountain or performance adult electric bike racing, a “cutout” should be considered. This can be a lack of material (literally a hole) in the center of the saddle, allowing for pressure relief. 
  • Materials: Saddle (and the corresponding rails) come in all kinds of material composition. You want something that is lightweight, durable, and still offers that cushion of comfort so you feel relaxed. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the right saddle for your cruising electric bike or fat tire ebike is crucial to the comfort, control, and enjoyment of your next ride. You want something that is compatible with your ebike model, fits into your budget, and offers the specific advantages needed for your biking lifestyle. 

The Freedare Saiga All-Terrain eBike offers a comfortable SR Saddle perfect for riders of all backgrounds. 

In addition, you can purchase an Extra Saddle made of high elastic sponge, leather, and upgrade shock balls for cruising, longer distances, and those with numbing issues. AT 303 x 274 x 136 in dimensions, this is a worthy addition to your ebike inventory. 

Good luck in your ebike adventure, and we hope you find a fantastic extra saddle that will allow you to experience all the joy and freedom an electric bike brings!


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