The birth and review of Freedare electric bike

The birth and review of Freedare electric bike


The Freedare electric bike, touted as the world’s first smart fat-tire e-bike, has garnered significant attention in the e-mobility market. This bike represents a blend of innovative technology and practicality, aiming to cater to a diverse range of cycling needs.

Key Features and Performance

Innovative Design: Freedare's smart fat-tire e-bike boasts a robust structure with a 6061 aluminum alloy frame, known for its corrosion
resistance and antioxidants. This design makes the bike suitable for various terrains, including urban commutes, mountain biking, beach trails, and more​​.

Powerful Motor and Battery: Equipped with a 750W (Peak 1000W) Bafang Motor and a 20Ah Samsung battery, the bike offers impressive performance. The detachable battery design, combined with 3A fast charging, ensures quick and convenient charging. The battery's longevity allows for up to 150 km on a single charge, making it ideal for long-distance rides​​​​.

Enhanced Safety Features: The bike includes a double barrier anti-theft system with motion sensing and GPS tracking, enabled by a Qualcomm 4G chip. This allows riders to track the bike's location and control it remotely in case of theft​​.

Durability and Comfort: The bike features 26x4.0" wide, puncture-resistant, and anti-skid tires, providing stability and durability. The hydraulic disc brakes offer superior stopping power and easier maintenance. An SR seat cushion and an adjustable front suspension fork enhance riding comfort​​.

Waterproof and Warranty: With IPX5 level waterproof performance, the bike is suitable for riding on beach trails and in the rain. Freedare offers a 2-year warranty on core components and a 3-year free Smart Package, ensuring a reliable riding experience​​.


Pricing and Availability

Initially launched via Indiegogo campaigns, the Freedare bike quickly surpassed its funding goals, indicating strong consumer interest. The bike is priced starting at $1,599, with significant discounts offered during the crowdfunding phase. It is now available for purchase on the Freedare website, with variants including the FD Eden (step-through) and FD Saiga (step-over), and offers such as time-sensitive discounts and free shipping to certain locations​​​​.


The Freedare electric bike is a compelling option for those seeking a versatile, durable, and high-performance e-bike. Its integration of smart technology, particularly the safety features and app integration, sets it apart in the e-bike market. The range and power offered by its motor and battery make it a strong contender for both urban commuters and adventure enthusiasts. Its successful crowdfunding campaign and the subsequent move to retail suggest a strong market presence and consumer trust in the brand.


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