The Best Fat Tire eBike Accessories for Your Work Commute

The Best Fat Tire eBike Accessories for Your Work Commute


Around 136 million Americans commute to work every single day. Between the rush to get coffee, last-minute hair treatments, and clogged roadways, these commutes can leave anyone in a less than desirable mood when they finally arrive at work.


A great, eco-friendly, and enjoyable way to spice up that morning commute is to ditch the carpool lane and hop on any of our Freedare eBikes instead. This gives you a quick workout or a relaxing motorized ride with all the fresh air you need to feel fully fueled before digging into the day’s activities.


Of course, before you jump on your electric bike, you may want to pick up a few odds and ends so you are fully prepared for the convenience of a ride to work. Here are our suggestions for getting the most out of your electric bike work commute.


1 – Wear a Helmet & Eye Protection


Safety must come first when riding the roadways and trails from home to work. 


Pick up an adjustable cycling helmet that is aerodynamic, comfortable, and stylish. Even better, if you can add some extra features like our Freedare Helmet with LED Light, you will ensure other riders, drivers, and joggers around you know to watch out as you breeze by.


What's more? You can also invest in some quality eye protective wear like transition lenses or sunglasses in your commute daily. This will cut down on rain, road debris, or the morning sun from blocking your clear view of the path ahead.


2 – Comfortable Backpack & Parka


You don’t want to be huddling down on your Freedare eBike because a bunch of stuff in my pocket. Test out some comfortable and multi-pocketed backpacks that will fit your work gear, extra clothes, and any other necessities you may need to carry to and from work. Extra points if you can fit a rain parka into the backpack for those unexpected showers.


Many commuters opt for Front Baskets or a Rear Rack that can be easily added to an electric bike. This way, you can pick up books from the library or groceries on your way back home when you want to cook up some fresh ramen after a hard day.


3 - eBike Bags


Besides the essential backpack, you can purchase specially fitted gear to carry extra items in your electric bike bags. Our FD Bike Bag, for example, fits ideally below the seat so you can bring an extra water bottle, bank cards, smartphones, and other smaller items without having to keep them on your person.


The most significant advantage of eBike saddlebags for your work commute is easy access. You don’t want to be breaking for a drink when you’re in a rush to meet a deadline. Having a storage option that you can quickly get into while still riding safely improves the creature comforts of your journey.


4 – Spare Set of Riding Clothes


No matter if you wear a uniform or a custom suit to work, you don’t want to expose those freshly pressed items to the wind and rain. Always keep an extra pair of comfortable and waterproof clothes on hand for your electric bike ride.


This is a great way to blend in with the morning workout warriors and bike messengers, so you feel fully physically mobile. It also ensures you reduce any chance of dirt, water, or city grime from gathering on that special button-up you’ve been waiting to wear to work.


5 – Flat Tire Repair Kit


Fat tire eBikes are less likely to experience a flat because of the lower pressure and flexibility. While that durability is always a positive when you’re shopping around for a new electric bike from Freedare, you still want a bit of extra “insurance” so you’re not late to work.


Be sure to toss a flat tire patch or repair kit into your backpack. This way, you can quickly change out a tire and be back on the road in no time. Purchase a portable bike pump as well so you can get to the correct pressure again.


6 – Extra Lights & Reflectors


We’ve already mentioned having a cycling helmet with rear light as an accessory for added safety and security, but why not go a step further? If you’re like most commuters, you’ll be on the road in the early morning when the light is still in that hazy gray that makes it hard to see other bikers on the road.


Try keeping an easy-to-fold reflective vest in your eBike bag or a few extra LED flashlights handy. You don’t have to look like a Christmas tree on wheels, but some additional illumination goes a long way to avoiding an unwanted visit to the emergency room.


7 – Mobile Devices & Chargers


Do yourself a big favor and purchase a mobile phone holder for your handlebars while you use our Freedare Mobile App for navigation. Being hands-free on your step through bike goes a long way to removing distractions so you can maintain control of your speed and direction.


If you can, toss a charging bar or extra cable into your commuter backpack as well. You don’t want to have a dead smartphone when the boss is expecting that PowerPoint presentation to be stored in your videos.


8 – Plenty of Water


The average commuter needs around 3.7 liters (about 15.5 cups) of water every single day. That can be a tough challenge when you’re riding around on your eBike. Add a bag or water bottle holder so you can get a quick drink as you enjoy your commute.


Reusable stainless steel or high-density recycled materials are the best. These will hold up against accidental impact and can be quickly refilled.


9 – Bike Lock


Your Freedare eBike is an investment that you want to protect. While our Freedare Mobile App includes theft alerts and real-time tracking of your favorite ride, you may also want to purchase an extra bit of security.


We suggest Freedare Folding Lock made from steel and ABS plastic. This is portable and can quickly wrap around a bike rack or post, so you get more peace of mind that your ride will be safe throughout your day.


Bonus: eBike Mudguards


One other accessory we wanted to mention quickly is mudguards. These ensure any liquids being kicked up by your fat tire eBike won’t end up on your clothing. If you do go this route, be sure to speak to our team or a local bike shop so you get the correct size and fit that won’t be in the way of your eBike’s operation.


Final Thoughts


Your morning commute can be an escape into nature where you get to enjoy the sunshine and calming breeze every day before sitting down or dealing with stressful business hiccups. Take the time to explore the various eBike commuter accessories we’ve outlined so you can get the most out of this precious time you get to yourself.


Die-hard electric bike enthusiasts will even go as far as including a second eBike Battery just in case, but any of these accessories should make your journey much more relaxing. Remember to plan out your route ahead of time for traffic, weather, or construction. Gear up, ride safely, and have fun commuting on your Freedare fat tire eBike!


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