Step Through E-bike VS Step Over E-bike

Step Through E-bike VS Step Over E-bike


Bicycle models are generally divided into two types, step through model (step-thru for short) and step over model. Do you know the difference between these two models? Let’s take a look at the differences. 

Here is a comparison of step-thru and step-over electric bikes to help choose between them: 

Frame design:

Step-thru bikes have an open frame design that allows the rider to step through the frame to mount and dismount the bike. This makes it easier to get on and off the bike, especially for riders with mobility issues or wearing skirts/dresses.

Step-over bikes have a higher crossbar that requires swinging your leg over to mount and dismount. This can be more difficult for some riders.

Riding position:

Step-thru bikes often have a more upright riding position, as the lowered top tube brings the handlebars closer to the seat. This can be more comfortable for casual recreational riding.

Step-over bikes allow for a more aggressive aerodynamic riding stance as the top tube is higher. This is better for performance/speed riding.


Step-thru frames require more material to reinforce the open frame design. This can make them slightly heavier than step-over frames.

Gender association:

Step-thru frames are sometimes considered more of a "women's" style bike. However, they can be ridden comfortably by anyone. Step-over frames are seen as a standard "men's" or "unisex" style.


Step-thru frames have a unique look that some riders prefer over the standard diamond frame step-over style.

In summary, step-thru frames can be easier to mount and are good for casual riding comfort. Step-over frames are better for aggressive riding positions and can be slightly lighter. But both can work for any rider. Choose based on your riding needs, comfort, and aesthetic preferences. Test ride both to see which feels best.

What’s the difference of Freedare Saiga and Eden electric bikes?

Freedare Saiga and Eden both fat tire electric bike and come with same configurations. The only difference is the frame, Saiga is step-over while Eden is a Step-through bike. And Eden is heavier than Saiga.

Frame material:

AL6061 aluminum frame.


750 watt rear hub motor. A more powerful motor for better acceleration and hill climbing.


Freedare e-bike have 20AH Samsung portable battery.


Freedare electric bike estimated range of 90 miles per charge.


Freedare electric bike have front suspension.


Freedare electric bike have hydraulic disc brakes for more stopping power.


Freedare electric bike a thumb throttle, the throttle allows rider to go without pedaling.

IOT System:

Freedare e-bike have GPS tracking and Intelligent inspection.


Overall, Freedare smart fat tire electric bike is the higher performance model with a more powerful motor, larger battery, longer range, lighter aluminum frame and throttle control. The Saiga seems better suited for off-road trail riding while the Eden may be best for casual around-town use.


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