Saving Money by Going Electric: eBike vs. Car Costs

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Owning an eBike is a fantastic way to see the great outdoors, make your morning commute more manageable, and get in some exercise to counteract those freshly baked chocolate chip cookies that are always conveniently warm whenever you order coffee in the morning.


While deciding between the best affordable eBike on the market and a vehicle in a rural area is easy (you own both, of course!), figuring out which is better for those in more urban or suburban areas may be a bit more complex.


We’ve gathered some crucial information to help you decide what fat tire eBike to buy or whether owning a car is in your future.


What are the Costs of Owning a Car?


Owning a vehicle in today’s modern world is not cheap. You have both operating costs (variable) and ownership costs (fixed). For example, some typical operating costs would include:


  • Fuel
  • Maintenance, Repairs, and Tires
  • Parking and Toll Roads


Ownership costs are a different situation. Those typically involve:


  • Insurance
  • License, Registration, Taxes
  • Finance Charges


According to AAA, the average cost of owning a vehicle in the USA is roughly $773.50 per month, and most owners spend around $130-$200 a month on fuel costs. In total, you’re looking at anywhere from $850-$1,000 per month.


What are the Costs of Owning the Best Affordable eBike?


The only real costs of owning an eBike are the initial purchase price (many companies offer financing) and the charging cost for plugging in your battery at night. Prices for the best fat tire eBike can run anywhere from $1,100 to $5,000+, depending on the features you want.


Choosing the Freedare Eden Step-thru Electric Bike will run you about $1,599.00 total. Most people will eventually invest in a second battery and some accessories like a bike cover, front basket, or a more comfortable seat for more prolonged cruising.


All that being said, you’re probably looking at a total cost of around $2,500 that you can easily spread out after the purchase of your eBike. Compared to owning a vehicle, you’ll pay for your eBike in two and a half months (including accessories) and save the remaining 9 and a half months for other things. That is a savings of anywhere from $8,075-$9,500 for the first year and more each year after.


Why It Makes Sense to Own the Best Fat Tire eBike?


Picking up an eBike over the latest model from Toyota or Chevy makes a lot more sense if you live in an urban area. If you’re routinely traveling long distances for commuting exceeding 55 or 65 miles, you may want a car (especially if you’re bringing a lot of goods with you and have rough weather most of the year).


That being said, eBikes offer a much more cost-effective solution for those:


  • Looking to exercise daily while enjoying the great outdoors.
  • Needing a much more efficient and easier to maneuver morning commute option than public transportation.
  • Those living in high-volume urban areas where cars do not make sense.
  • People who don’t want to deal with parking or traffic.
  • Anyone interested in doing their part to help cultivate a more sustainable environment.


Finally, there is the benefit of simply enjoying being outdoors. When you own an eBike, you can ride on most trails and pathways around your town. You can get together with friends and riding clubs, go for an afternoon picnic, and get a little boost in speed and convenience with a step-thru or motor-assisted ride.


On top of all these benefits, the Freedare best affordable eBikes include access to the Freedare mobile application perfect for tracking your GPS movement, route planning, anti-theft notifications, and assessing the health of your eBike.


Ready to Make the Change?


While owning a car offers plenty of benefits, it can be an expensive endeavor for even the businessperson in NYC. A much more rational and cost-effective solution is investing in a quality eBike.


This year, give yourself the gift of freedom and convenience by picking up the Freedare Eden Step-thru Electric Bike. You will save plenty of money and get some well-deserved free time exploring your local area while burning some calories. It’s a win-win!

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  • Leonard Cobb on

    We made the decision to go from two to one vehicle but it was prompted by my retirement and the realization that one vehicle was parked pretty much permanently in the driveway. Having made the decision to get rid of one car the financial savings became obvious, no car payment, insurance, petrol or maintenance costs. I now store my golf clubs at the local golf course and love the 10 minute Eden ride when I want to play. My wife is still working so she uses the vehicle most days. In just over a year we have only really been caught out once and with sensible planning we haven’t really missed the 2nd vehicle. And yes we just love our Edens. Using them more and more because they make biking so easy.

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