Is it Worth Buying a Torque-Sensing Electric Bike?

Is it Worth Buying a Torque-Sensing Electric Bike?


Finding a quality electric bike (ebike) requires examining several new and exciting features. Do you choose the one with dual suspension or go with the higher speed so you can cruise through the weekend?

One feature you may want to consider whether there is a torque sensor ebike option. A quality torque sensor ebike offers a ton of benefits, but, depending on the brand, may come with a higher price tag. Let’s look closer at whether a torque sensor ebike is suitable for you.


What is a Torque Sensor ebike?

Imagine you're enjoying a teeter-totter with a friend. Whenever you push from the ground, the teeter-totter’s motor helps lift you up. The harder you push, the higher you go. That is the basic idea of a torque sensor fat tire ebike.

To put it another way, the harder you pedal, the more electric assistance the motor puts in. Unlike much simpler systems that only look at how fast you’re traveling or if the pedals are moving rapidly, a torque sensor offers a much more nuanced ride. It mirrors your effort through motor assistance.


Benefits of a Torque Sensor on an ebike

Natural Riding Experience
The technology behind a torque sensor provides an easier riding experience. Everything adjusts as you pedal, giving you a boost to travel farther without having to put in as much effort as you would otherwise.

Improve Efficiency
The best fat tire ebikes use torque sensors, which are highly efficient. The technology provides the precise power you need at the exact moment you need it most. This extends the lifespan of the battery so you can travel farther without needing to recharge.

Better Control
You get way more control over your speed and acceleration using a torque sensor fat tire electric bike. Combined with fatter tires, you can enjoy more varied terrains, especially considering keeping you safe on a relaxing ride.

Enhanced Fitness
Throttle ebikes take away the entire point of pedaling. That may work for some, but if you want to get in a workout while you ride, a torque sensor electric bike allows you more active participation.

Seamless Operational Transition
The best part is you can switch between different modes of riding. If you want to push a little harder to climb a mountain or relax for a morning commute, a torque sensor ebike quickly transitions with ease.


Is it Worth Buying a Torque Sensor ebike?

Now for the real question: should you buy a torque sensor fat tire ebike? The issue is that most ebike manufacturers have to include more advanced technology for the torque sensor to work appropriately. That cost gets passed onto you with a higher purchase point for the electric bike.

That is one of our selling points at Freedare. Our Freedare All-Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike is priced competitively and often below our other torque sensor ebikes on the market. We streamline our operations and pass that cost savings onto you so every ride is full of the technology, features, and benefits you would expect.


Typical Torque Sensor Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Owning any of the best ebikes needs to include some general maintenance. This is no different from a no-power bicycle. However, when a torque sensor is included, there are a few things to keep in mind.

• If you notice any kind of lag as you accelerate, the torque sensor may be an issue. Your ebike’s motor should engage whenever you begin to pedal.

• If you notice the ebike suddenly coming to a stop while you’re still pedaling, the torque sensor may be at fault because it isn’t accurately measuring the pedal output.

• Anytime the ebike motor is too loud when switching speeds, it could be due to a sensor issue.

These reasons are exactly why our team at Freedare offer a 7-Day Trial Ride so you can test out your torque sensor ebike before committing to ownership. If you do have an issue, our customer support team will guide you through a resolution, including the application of our 2-year warranty.

Wrapping Up

For all those riders that want the wonderful benefits of a motor on a bicycle, but still wish to enjoy pedaling and transition with their riding modes, you should check out a torque sensor fat tire ebike.

These ebikes are the perfect marriage between convenience and open-road freedom. Explore the many benefits of our Freedare Saiga All-Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike, and make a purchase today!


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