How To Recycled the Packaging?

How To Recycled the Packaging?


Some customers may be curious about how to deal with the outer packaging of Ebike. We've found some ideas for you. Freedare electric bikes currently come in two versions of packaging: large-size packaging and the upgraded eco-friendly packaging. Both packages passed the drop test. There will be a large amount of EPE sheet around the ebike in the old version package. So if you are also curious about what you can do with these packing material of our ebike package you can find the idea on this blog.


What's EPE?

The Polyethylene foamed sheet used in our packaging is typically made from EPE material, this material has the characteristics of good toughness, not easy to break, good buffering performance. If you have some special considerations when it comes to recycling and disposal.


How Can These Materials be Recycled?


Recycling: In some areas, pearl cotton foam can be recycled. You can contact local recycling centers or waste management facilities to inquire if they accept EPS material for recycling. Some supermarkets or packaging stores may also offer recycling services for pearl cotton foam. If such services are available, separate the pearl cotton foam and ensure it's clean and uncontaminated for recycling processing.


Reuse: If feasible, consider reusing the pearl cotton foam for other packaging or protective needs. You can cut it into appropriate shapes and sizes for packaging fragile items to reduce waste.


Degradation: Some areas may not have recycling services for pearl cotton foam. In such cases, you can try to find manufacturers or specialized facilities that may accept pearl cotton foam for proper degradation processing. This typically involves heating and compressing the EPS material to reduce its volume, then using it for producing other plastic products or filler materials.


Waste disposal: If you can't find alternative disposal methods, pearl cotton foam may ultimately have to be disposed of as general waste. In this case, ensure to separate it from other trash for proper handling at local waste management centers.

Regardless of the disposal method you choose, ensure to minimize resource wastage and reduce environmental impact as much as possible.

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    if I order now, what date will I get my bike? Québec Canada G2K 0G3

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