How to Prepare for a Long eBike Road Trip

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Time to get out the sunscreen, stretch your legs, and hop on your favorite eBike for a beautiful touring road trip to exciting destinations. Before you turn on your motor and signal to traffic you’re about to embark on, you may want to make a few preparations. After all, you want this next ride to be a rewarding experience.


Our team at Freedare has put together the top tips we know to help prepare us for longer rides along coastal routes, camping trips, and even in groups to other cities. This list should give you enough foundation to make your upcoming journey on your long-range electric bike one to remember.


Why Take a Long eBike Ride?


Most of the time, you hear about eBikes in terms of saving you a few bucks on your morning commute or doing the eco-friendly best thing for your community. While those benefits are certainly valid, you also want a motor-assisted eBike for longer journeys.


Check out your local social media groups and community billboards, and you’re likely to find group riding events. These include simple afternoon trips to the lake and longer rides to a nearby monument, city, or event.


Those are the types of rides we think benefit most from a fat tire eBike. You get the peace of mind your ride is durable, versatile, and offers extra assistance so your trip remains relaxing. Here are some tips to help you get started.


Tips for Making Your eBike Trip Smoother


Freedare Eden Fat Tire Electric Bike

Check the Charge


Longer distances mean you’ll use all or most of your battery charge. For example, the Freedare Eden Step-Thru eBike has a range of 90 miles on a single charge. That is pretty far for a long-distance trip, but you may want a bit more coverage.


We suggest that you:

  • Double-check that you have a full charge on your long-range electric bike.
  • Bring your charging cable along in case you stop for lunch at a station with an outlet.
  • Invest in a backup battery so you never get stranded.


Verify Your Motor


Always inspect your eBike’s motor before embarking on a longer ride. Even UL-certified eBikes could use a little visual confirmation that no debris or obstructions around the motor may impede its functionality.


If you can, go for a quick bike ride around your block the day before to ensure the motor is functioning at full capacity.


Find that “Perfect” Speed


When on a longer ride, you want to find the “sweet spot” where the desirable speed (mph) matches the efficiency of your fat tire eBike. This ensures your battery life is prolonged as much as possible and that you’re staying within your proposed long-range trip itinerary.


Stay Well Hydrated


Even when using the motor assistance of a long-range electric bike to make life easier, you can still get dehydrated. Long rides, especially in the sun, will require additional water. Bring along plenty of H2O. Most experts suggest 300-500 ml of water per hour of eBike riding.


A great way to make this easier is to have water bottles you can attach to your UL-certified eBike and a water backpack with a tube you can access from your sleeve or arm.


Bring a Buddy


Long-distance eBike riding comes with some risks. You want a friend to help you along the way not only for the social benefits but also so you have an extra pair of eyes. Staying alert to other vehicles and potential hazards makes your trip that much safer.


Maintain Proper Posture


Your posture is crucial for maintaining comfort and control during your long trip. Double-check your eBike’s handlebars and seat to ensure they are correctly aligned. The more ergonomic the ride, the less wear and tear on your muscles and joints.


Listen to Your Body


A long-range electric bike certainly helps your journey, but you need to listen to your body. Take breaks when you feel overly stressed. Stretch out and relax whenever you can to maintain your health. Your body will let you know when it's time for another break.


Ride Proactively for Hills


Hills require more effort. They drain your battery more quickly and can slow down the speed you wish to maintain. Watch the road carefully so you can proactively switch to lower gears and ensure your pace isn’t broken as you tackle various road inclines.


Invest in Storage Accessories


The last tip we have for your long-range electric bike ride is to pick up some extra accessories. Get some front, rear, and side storage so you can keep all your essential items, such as clothing, first aid kits, spare tools, and anything else you need close at hand.


Final Thoughts


Enjoying a long ride to an exciting destination is a wonderful pastime. When you include the durability and convenience of a fat tire eBike in your journey, you get even more support so you can relax and enjoy the experience.


We highly recommend you purchase one of our UL-certified eBikes, like the Freedare Eden Step Thru eBike, before you take on a longer trip. With a little bit of preparation, you can transform your upcoming ride into a luxurious experience you’ll remember for years to come. Happy riding!


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