How to Get the Most Ride Out of Your Electric Bike

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The eBike marketplace comes with a lot of questions. New buyers and even those that have enjoyed the freedom of the open road on an electric bike tend to wonder about specifics and details.


Our team at Freedare always wants to ensure you are getting the most ride for your buck, especially one with all the comfortable settings you deserve.


In this post, we’re going to go over some of the more common concerns we hear about the best eBikes on the market and what concerns riders should think about when comparing models. If you have a question about our excellent selection of eBikes, please leave a comment below or send us a note so we can help everyone celebrate the convenience and excitement of electric bikes.


Going the Distance


Let’s start with one of the most crucial considerations for your upcoming purchase – how far you can get when cruising on a full charge.


Every eBike you look at will have a different rating for maximum distance. For example, our beautifully designed Eden Step-Thru eBike gets up to 90 miles per charge under pedal assist mode.


The things that will affect your ability to maximize your distance on a single full battery charge include:


  • Road: The terrain you travel on matters. If your best eBike is riding on gravel the whole way, you’ll get less distance because of the friction of the terrain. A smooth roadway is the best choice for longer distances.
  • Weather: The same goes for rain. Whenever it is raining, you’ll want to slow down and avoid big puddles. That constant increase and decrease in speed takes more electricity because you are no longer simply cruising along.
  • Load: Your weight and any other gear on your eBike will place more demand on your battery. If you are coming back from a grocery trip stacked with heavy objects, you may not want to go the total 90 miles.
  • Riding Style: The best eBike models have different riding styles like your average speed, where you position yourself on the eBike, and if you prefer hills on your route. A flatter, smoother surface is your best bet.
  • Pedal Assist: Using the pedals strategically on your ride reduces how much power you need from the battery. That will naturally extend your distance capabilities.


Other than these essentials, your cruising eBike will also need to consider the type of battery, capacity of charge, and even temperature outside. A good rule of thumb is to stick to smooth terrain on a sunny day where you occasionally pedal to get some acceleration.


Pure Electric or Assisted Riding


Let’s look a little closer at pedal-assist riding on your electric bike. A fully electric bike will have the capability to propel you forward based solely on the battery and motor. When you use an assisted eBike, you are relying on sensors to detect how much force you place on the eBike whenever you pedal for a bit.


Most riders prefer assisted riding because it allows more control over battery power and rideability. For example, if you are happily riding around a park, you may want to only use pedals for a low speed. However, if you have reached near your top speed on the way to the beach, you may want full electricity to maintain that velocity.


It usually comes down to personal preference, but a good compromise is using an eBike with multiple power modes – including pedal assist.


The Class 3 Electric Bicycle


Our Eden Step-Thru eBike has a 20Ah battery capacity and torque sensor component, so you can save more energy while cruising or use the pedals for a workout. That versatility is why previous clients constantly refer us to anyone looking for a reliable eBike.

 Freedare Eden fat tire electric bike in USA

We often recommend this model because you get the total flexibility of a Shimano 7-speed bike with the power of a 750-watt Bafang motor when you reach cruising speed. This is known as a “Class 3 Electric Bike.” Instead of relying only on a throttle, we have pedal-assist rideability that tops out at 28mph. 


This model is different from a pure electric model bicycle. It gives you all the speed you could want and the chance to feel the joy of a traditional bicycle on the road, commuting to work, visiting friends, or during your vacation.


With a built-in anti-theft system and complementary Freedare app for planning your routes or monitoring location, our Freedare Eden Step-Thru eBike is the perfect choice for those looking for a more versatile riding experience.


Wrapping Up


Getting the most ride out of your eBike has a lot to do with your personal riding preferences. Either way, to get the most distance, stick to a seated position on flat surfaces during a sunny mild day. Ride in pedal assist is the best scenario for expanding your riding distance.  You can also go with a full throttle option, a step-thru eBike like our Eden model is also a fantastic place to start. Our Eden eBike can easily handle different terrains.


Whatever your personal choice, get outside and enjoy the weather. An eBike is a wonderful way to experience more of the world, empowering riders of all backgrounds to journey in comfort and style.

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