How to customize Your Fat Tire eBike

How to customize Your Fat Tire eBike


Have you ever looked at a fat tire bike review and thought to yourself, “Hmm, I bet I could trick that eBike out with some fantastic new features.”


Part of the fun of owning a fat tire bike Canada or US product is being able to add the personalized customizations that make it all your own. Everything from custom paint to raising the seat for a more comfortable afternoon cruise is possible. Here are a few suggestions we frequently see as a leading provider of Freedare fat tire eBikes.


Add a Second Backup Battery


While you can easily get plenty of power for a few trips around town on a single eBike battery charge, owning a second battery ensures you have even more range on your next ride. A backup eBike battery makes all the difference on longer trips for camping, cruising, or exploring.


Baskets and Storage Solutions


freedare fat tire ebike 750w

When you ride a fat tire bike Canada model, you are likely to visit your local grocery store, coffee shop, or library. That means food and other items that will need to be safely transported to and from home. Purchasing a front basket, rear rack, or other forms of additional storage enhances how much you can carry so all your errands are safer and more comfortable.


Upgrading Lights for Safety and Visibility


Not every rider wants to stick to using their bikes during daylight hours. Many people look at fat tire bike reviews to see what lighting options come standard. You want plenty of LED power so you are not only capable of enjoying a nighttime ride, but highly visible to traffic to avoid accidents. Consider adding running lights and focal lighting that will give you more versatility as you ride.


Seating and Handlebars


Let’s be clear: your backside deserves a comfortable seat. The standard seat you’ll receive on most fat tire bike Canada products isn’t necessarily the easiest to manage. You may want to consider an extra saddle with more cushioning or a suspension seatpost to readjust the height for better ergonomics.


Trailers for Kids and Pets

freedare eden fat tire ebike with trailers

For all those step-thru fat tire eBike riders with younger children or four-legged family members wanting to join in the adventure, we suggest picking up a trailer. These will easily attach to your eBike’s frame and allow you much more room to safely transport younger riders. Not only that, but they also often include additional storage for picnic baskets, camping gear, and a few squeaky toys for your pets.


Mirrors and Fenders


Safety is a top priority of our team. That is why we suggest personalizing your eBike with additional mirrors. This will allow you to see traffic and obstructions around you so you don’t end up on the wrong end of a traffic accident. While you’re at it, pick up some fenders as well. You’ll put a stop to unwanted dirt and water shooting up your back and provide some visually attractive additions to your ride.


Security Enhancements


When you purchase a Freedare Saiga or Eden step-thru fat tire eBike from our team, you automatically get the chance to download our customized mobile application. That’ll provide you with real-time access to your eBike’s GPS location and help prevent theft. If you want a little extra security, pick up a folding eBike lock you can use at any post or bike storage area.


Getting a Bike Cover


The last personalization we recommend is a full-sized eBike cover. While most rides are already well adapted to all kinds of terrain, you will occasionally read a fat tire bike review where excessive rain caused rust or snow led to salt issues in the gears. A well-designed bike cover helps prevent these issues, especially after you rinse your eBike off when you want to store it for the season.


Wrapping Up


These suggestions are only a tiny sampling of how you can customize and personalize your brand new step-thru fat tire eBike. With a bit of innovation and a lot of fun, you’ll find plenty of exciting ways to make your next eBike purchase one truly unique to your style and personality.


If you’d like to learn more about how to personalize your eBike, be sure to reach out to our team at Freedare. We are happy to discuss potential additions to your Saiga or Eden electric bikes.


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