How to Choose the Right eBike Motor: 500w, 750w, or 1000w Electric Bike

How to Choose the Right eBike Motor: 500w, 750w, or 1000w Electric Bike


There is a wide variety of electric bikes available in the market. Do you know how to choose the appropriate motor power for your daily use of an ebike?


The type of motor you choose for your off-road eBike or commuter experience will determine your rideability. You wouldn’t want to hop on a 1000w motor eBike for a quick morning commute through busy urban life. That much power will probably end with a warning from local traffic authorities.

The same is true for a 500-watt motor trying to climb a big hil. Your best option is to look at a 750-watt eBike, as this offers plenty of power for carrying capacity, terrain and distance.


However, the choice you make is entirely unique to your personal situation and desired eBike use. Let’s look at some of the factors that make a powerful electric bike perfect for your lifestyle.


How Do eBike Motors Work?


Different forms of eBike motors perform in various ways. The basic idea is that the motor is like the brain. As you engage the throttle or step on the pedals, this signals the motor to engage the wheels and start pushing electricity from the battery so you move forward.


As you browse different motors of commuter or off-road eBikes, you’ll want to learn how the motor impacts:


  • Torque: This is how much force the motor you pick can be applied to the structure of the bike. This directly translates to the speed of acceleration and ability to climb hills.
  • Speed: The maximum mph you can travel based on the power of the motor and current weather/road conditions (not to mention the weight you’re carrying).
  • Power: The output of the motor in terms of wattage. The greater the powerful electric bike's watt rating, the more robust and capable the eBike in different settings.
  • Throttles vs. Pedal Assist: Whether the motor will do all the work of pushing you forward or if you need to pedal a little to boost the power.


Types of Electric Bike Motors


Not all motors are the same. A 750-watt fat tire eBike is going to be much different from a 500-watt cruising eBike with thin urban tires. Some common forms of motors you’ll find include:


  • Mid-Drive Motors: Usually positioned near the bike’s cranks with decent balance and efficient power use. These are meant chiefly for hilly terrains and technical trails.
  • Direct-Drive Hub Motors: Tend to sit in the rear wheel infrastructure with a smooth and quiet ride because there are fewer required parts. Perfect for long-distance rides on different terrains.
  • Geared Hub Motors: Extremely compact and lightweight with good torque and hill climbing that is best for moderate trails and some commuting.


Which Motor Power is Right for You?


The answer to the question about which powerful electric bike is best for you relies entirely on your desired use. Someone looking for an off-road eBike will have different requirements than someone in the mood for a 250-watt boardwalk cruiser.


500 Watts

A good balance between power and efficiency leads to a longer battery life, but is more designed for flat terrains under good weather conditions. You’ll find plenty of daily commuters and leisure riders seeking this level of powerful electric bike because they are on the lower end of the price range.


750 Watts

A 750-watt fat tire eBike is the perfect blend of power, capability, battery life, range, and efficiency for those with mixed terrain riding experience. These are the types of motors we put in our Freedare Saiga All-Terrain and Freedare Eden Step-Thru eBikes.


You will seek out a 750-watt eBike if you like to go from flat commuting to off-road terrain on the weekends.


1000 Watts

If you are a powerful electric bike enthusiast with a need for speed, you’ll want something with a 1000-watt motor. These will be on the higher end of the price spectrum, but promise a ton of speed and power for heavier loads or thrill seekers.


You may want to check your local rules and regulations concerning eBikes before purchasing one of these powerful electric bikes.


Final Thoughts


Choosing the right eBike motor depends entirely on your riding style, the terrain you’ll most frequent, and the various carrying capacity needs of your average ride. We highly recommend the 750-watt fat tire eBike, as it offers the most blend of all the features you would want in a versatile eBike.


Be sure to explore all the Freedare Saiga All-Terrain and Freedare Eden Step-Thru eBikes have to offer as part of your shopping experience. You’re bound to find an optimal match for your unique riding needs.


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