How to Choose an Electric bike?

How to Choose an Electric bike? Check Freedare electric bike in all style.


What is the priority when choosing the right electric bike? Let's take a look at the ebike data survey in the United States.

According to questionnaire statistics, when buying an electric bicycle, 68% of users prioritize bike type and style, and 60% prioritize battery capacity and mileage range. "Range anxiety" is one of the most commonly cited drawbacks of riding an e-bike. The least considered was brand, with 27% not considering brand.

Obviously, when you look at one of these e-bikes, you should prioritize the road conditions and frequency of your planned e-bike. Then, the biggest concern is how far you can go and how often you need to charge it, especially for users who use ebike for their daily commute. Choose an ebike that has a lithium-ion battery from a well-known manufacturer. The Freedare ebike is equipped with a reliable Samsung battery, a large capacity of 20AH, what's more? The sensor is still torque sensing, which means that on the basis of the battery, more intelligent power output, greater mileage, experimental data The range will come up to 70mile/charge. The FD fat tire series can be adapted to all kinds of terrain.

You should also consider:

1. Price
The electric bicycle market can be roughly divided into three price levels, the low price below $1,000, the mid-range price above $1,500, and the high price above $2,000. The quality of low-priced products is often not guaranteed, and after-sales difficulties are high.

2. Comfort
When choosing an electric bicycle, you should also consider the user's height and weight. Carefully look at the specifications of the vehicle. Usually Step-Trough would be more comfortable.

3. Cargo-carrying capacity
It’s worth considering a step-through or low-step bike if you plan on carrying lots of cargo with you on your tour. This can make it easier to get on and off a fully-laden bike without tilting it dangerously over to one side.

What's more? In 2023, many brands continue to innovate, on the basis of electric bicycles, plus smart sections, through APP to connect vehicle control. We list several brands of APP features:

APP Features Freedare Aventon Reevo Hovsco
Riding data
GPS Anti-theft
Move alerts
Personal achievement
Personalized configuration
Road book  
BMS battery system
Inspection system
Intelligent unlocking


Which do you think is more suitable for your needs? Leave a comment below and let us know what you thought.


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