How can electric bike save energy and reduce carbon emissions?

Freedare Smart Electric Bike with APP


The earth is the home of human beings, supporting the work, life and health of human beings. But problems such as global warming, glaciers melting, forests shrinking, and air pollution are all happening. Automobile exhaust is one of the main causes of pollution and global warming. Transport accounts for about one-fifth of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, with a large-displacement car traveling 20,000 kilometers in a city each year releasing 2 tonnes of CO2.

The advent and popularization of electric bicycles is not only about the reform of people's travel methods, but also quietly changing our ecological environment with an impact you did not estimate. Some ideas believe that electric bicycles still need to use batteries, not in the true sense of environmentally friendly travel, so that the bicycle industry is making false propositions for environmental protection and emission reduction. But e-bikes undoubtedly strike a good balance between efficiency and energy savings. Different transportation chosen in the daily life will bring different degrees of carbon emissions. Buses, subways, bicycles, walking and other modes of transportation are relatively low carbon emissions.


How can an electric bike help the environment ?

Buying an electric bike is one of the wise decisions that in line with healthy lifestyle, can help you get to your destination with less effort, and can help you balance exercise while playing and commuting. It also helps to reduce carbon emissions. All of this is fun and makes you enjoy life even more like magic.


How to Calculate Carbon Emissions?

There are three main ways to calculate carbon emissions: emission factor method, mass balance method, and measured method. The carbon emission of cycling is mainly relative emission reduction, that is to say, in cycling, the same distance and destination, relative to choose a mode with emissions such as cars, etc., and the emissions generated by this part are the carbon emission reductions generated by your cycling.

The Freedare APP records your carbon contributions

If you connect to the app during the ride, FD will record your contribution to reducing carbon emissions while riding with Freedare ebike. At the same time, FD APP will also convert the calories you burn according to your weight, riding mode, riding speed, and riding distance through formulas. Let your healthy life be recorded.


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