Freedare vs. Aventon vs. Himiway: Quick eBike Review for Your Commute

Freedare Saiga fat tire electric bike for adult in American


All over the globe, people from various walks of life are moving toward using a smart electric bike to get to and from work. Enjoying the freedom of the road, swinging by the grocers for meal prep, or simply meeting up with friends – all with an easy-to-use and eco-friendly fat-tire electric bike is a fantastic feeling.

Of course, all that freedom comes at a cost. Many smart electric bike models are available on the market, especially if you are using your eBike of choice for urban environments, work commute, and city riding. We’ve broken down a few of our favorites so you get a better idea of where to sink your investment and enjoy a fantastic ride outside.


What are the Different Types of eBikes?

Cruiser: The eBike of choice if you prefer a casual ride in style and comfort. The suspension and tires are designed so you have complete relaxation as you ride using handlebars slightly higher so there is no tension in your back or shoulders.

Commuter: This is what we’ll look at in this article. These are designed specifically for riders who need to get where you are going but might like a slight detour on the side. Depending on your terrain or city environment, they can have narrow or fat tires.

Mountain: A mountain or “off-road” bike is meant for trail rides. The battery and motor are located lower and toward the center of the design, so you get better balance and durability on rugged terrain.

Road: Similar to commuters, these electric bikes for adult options are lighter weight and meant for paved surfaces only. They have drop handlebars and narrow tires intended for speed.

All right, that should jog your memory on the various styles of smart electric bikes. Now, let’s dig into the multiple models we are considering so you can select the best choice for your unique needs.


Freedare vs. Aventon vs. Himiway


Our goal is to find a versatile fat tire e-Bike that can be used in other situations due to its durability and streamlined design. We are looking at the Freedare Eden Step-thru Electric Bike, the Aventon Level.2 Step-Through Commuter eBike, and the Himiway Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike Cruiser.

Let’s break down the differences between each model and look closer at what you’ll get when you select your next smart electric bike.

 Freedare fat tire electric bike for adult in American

#1 – Price:


The buck always stops here first! Of the three eBikes, Freedare is the obvious winner. At only $1,499 with free shipping, you get the most bang for your buck. Both the Level.2 and Himiway come in at $1,699 each. While there are some sales for the Himiway dropping the price to $1,399, that doesn’t include shipping.


#2 – Motor and Power


Again, we have to hand the win to Freedare. It uses a 750W BAFANG Geared Hub Motor. This is similar to the 750W peak on the Level.2 and the 750W motor on the Himiway. The difference here is the output. Freedare doubles the output of the Level.2 with up to 1000W for slipping in and out of urban settings and even some occasional rougher terrain.


#3 – Battery Capacity and Range


The challenge with battery capacity for electric bike for adult is this will depend on your size, any gear you’re carrying, and the outdoor setting you are riding. However, you can expect the longest range of 90 miles with the 960Wh Samsung battery from Freedare. The Level.2 offers a 672Wh LG battery that’ll propel you up to 60 miles, while the Himiway Cruiser is looking at roughly 35-60 miles.


#4 – Speed and Performance


This feature in our eBike review is where things equal out. Both the Freedare and Level.2 eBikes have a top speed of 28mph, with the Himiway only slightly behind at 25mph. Again, it will depend on how well you navigate urban traffic to reach the fastest speeds.


#5 – Design and Capacities


The lightest eBike from our list is going to the Level.2 at only 62 pounds. That is much easier to carry than the Himiway at 72 pounds or the Freedare at 81.5 pounds. That being said, the payload award goes to Himiway. Its frame can support up to 350 pounds of total weight.


You may want to watch your terrain differences in design. While the Himiway can support more, it is meant for varied terrains. The balance of Freedare’s design for durability and lightweight – coupled with the step-through design may be better for those in city environments looking for quick mounting and dismounting.


#6 – Tires and Rideability


Many commuters prefer narrower tires or generic fat tires like on the Himiway. The experienced urban rider prefers a sturdy fat tire like Freedare’s Kenda 26” X 4.0” models. These allow quick maneuvering around anything from smooth pavement to cobblestones. The Level.2 uses a hybrid tire that lacks a wider footprint.


#7 – Other Features


There are several additional features in our eBike review that are worth mentioning. For example, the Level.2 has an 8-speed Shimano system for gears compared to the 7-speed options on both the Freedare and Himiway, which means more adaptability for diverse urban terrains.


But you can get more control through Freedare’s native mobile application that offers a USB interface display, app-controlled front lighting, real-time GPS location and mapping, as well as an anti-theft system perfect for commuters. The smart electric bikes feature different riding modes and digital feedback for optimal support.


Finally, there are warranty and support considerations. These fantastic eBikes have comprehensive support, but only the Freedare Eden and Himiway Cruiser offer a 2-year warranty backed by UL certification.


Final Thoughts


Choosing between the three electric bikes in our eBike review is going to highly depend on your intended use and terrain. For our money, the Freedare Eden Step-thru Electric Bike is the best all-around choice. Between the app, stronger motor, and longer-lasting battery, you get all the power you need to get to and from work (and anywhere else in between).

 Freedare Eden fat tire electric bike step through electric bike for sale

If you are someone who prefers a more off-road option, you probably want to go with the Freedare Saiga. Long Range Fat Tire Electric Bike Cruiser may be more your speed. This is far more better suited for all-terrain.


Hopefully, this comparison guide has provided all the insights you need to get a quality commuter ride at home. Be sure to explore the various narrow and fat-tire electric bike models we’ve featured. If you feel overwhelmed by choice, go with Freedare.


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