Freedare Saiga Fat Tire Electric Bike VS Himiway Zabra Fat Tire Electric Bike

Freedare Saiga Fat Tire Electric Bike VS Himiway Zabra Fat Tire Electric Bike


If you have been researching and are ready to purchase a fat tire e-bike, you've probably been researching different brands, and now it's time to compare two of the best: the Freedare Saiga fat tire electric bike and the Himiway Zabra fat tire electric bike. I'm here to help you make a direct and confident comparison, so you can make the best choice without any hesitation. Let's get started.


After reviewing the details and specs of the Freedare Saiga fat tire electric bike and the Himiway Zabra fat tire electric bike, here are a comparison of the key differences and factors to consider:


Freedare Saiga has a 750W BAFANG brushless gear motor while Himiway Zebra has a 750W brushless motor without mention the brand for the motor. Both powerful.


Torque sensor:

The Freedare Saiga has a torque sensor, but the Himiway does not. The powerful 750W motor and torque sensor on the Freedare will provide better riding experience and hill climbing ability. Learn more knowledge about torque sensor here.



Freedare Saiga ebike has a 48V 20Ah Samsung 21700 battery. Himiway Zebra has 48V 20Ah Samsung/LG lithium battery. Both the Saiga and Zebra have the same battery capacity, but may come in different battery brands. 



Estimated range is 90 miles for the Freedare Saiga ebike, 60-80 miles for the Himiway Zebra. The test benchmarks are not published and rigorous comparisons cannot be made. But they are all 20AH fat tire electric bikes, so the extra mileage of the Freedare should be attributed to the higher performance and smarter power output system I believe.


The Freedare Saiga has a top speed of 28 mph. The Zebra has a top speed of 25 mph. At this point, Freedare is better for you to choose. 


Freedare Saiga fat tire electric bike uses a 6061 aluminum alloy frame, same as Himiway Zebra.



Freedare uses a 7-speed Shimano drivetrain and hydraulic brake. Himiway Zebra has a hydraulic brake and Shimano 7 speed gear shift system. They are both 26*4 Kenda fat tire. 


Smart APP:


The biggest highlight is Freedare Saiga is an IoT integrated electric bike and come with the GPS tracking function. What's more? Freedare have a smart APP that you can control your ebike with ease and fun. Discover more on their page.

Freedare Saiga fat tire electric bike review

Freedare is US$1499 VS Himiway Zebra is US$1499. 

In summary, the Freedare Saiga e-bike and Himiway Zebra appears to have good quality and high performance both based on the key metrics. Freedare is a new brand while Himiway not. The slightly higher cost seems justified given the larger battery, longer range, and better braking system.

So it depends if your priority is maximum power, range or brand. Overall, the Freedare Saiga is likely the better fat tire e-bike from a technical perspective. Let me know if you need any clarification on these key differences between the two models! Or comment down below.


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