Finding New Places to Ride Your Freedare eBike

Finding New Places to Ride Your Freedare eBike


Enjoying all the accessories and freedom your Freedare eBike for adult brings is extraordinary. It is so relaxing to take a quick trip to the local theater, enjoy a show, pick up some groceries, meet up with friends, and then make it back home – all without the expensive gas or difficulty of finding parking from owning a car.


As you continue to explore the world around you on electric bicycles, you may start to wonder where else you can ride. If variety is the spice of life, you may consider finding new stomping grounds and experiences to share on your eBike.


In this article, we’ll review some innovative ways to leverage your Freedare Saiga or Eden eBikes to explore, experience, and expand the riding territory you love.


Classes of Different Electric Bicycles for Adults


Before we get onto our list, you may want to stop for a moment and consider the “class” of your eBike for adults. Not all classes of electric bikes will be allowed in certain areas. Understanding which one you own saves you a lot of time when exploring new destinations.


There is some crossover between classes, but in general, they are:


  • Class 1: These are pedal-assist electric bicycles with a maximum speed of 20mph.
  • Class 2: These eBikes have a throttle and motor that can be used exclusively to move you forward. The choice to use pedaling is up to you, and the maximum speed is 20mph.
  • Class 3: A class 3 electric bike for adults allows you to go up to 28mph and includes pedal assist technology for faster commutes.


Freedare electric bikes for adults are considered class 3 bikes because they reach up to 28mph and come in 750watt motor. Knowing this ensures you can get on the pathways, roads, and trails you want without violating any local ordinances.


Where to Find New Places to Ride Your eBike?

Share by Freedare Saiga Customer: Walinton Mosquera


Now let’s examine how you can find new and exciting spaces to enjoy the benefits of your streamlined Freedare eBike.


Commuting to Work

A significant portion of our clients choose an eBike to cut down on commute times. Taking a bus or a taxi or a train tends to end with hours on public transportation. An eBike is much faster, but also exposes you to new areas you may have never considered before. Keep an eye out as you commute for exciting new trails.


Local Family-Friendly Bike Paths

Did you see a group of family members riding bikes in a particular direction? Follow that family! There is likely a fun, family-friendly bike path in their future that can offer hours of relaxing riding for you. Just be sure they allow class 3 electric bicycles for adults.


Parks and Recreational Areas

Parks and recreational areas are full of engaging trails, often with themes around environmental awareness or exercise. A quick trip to your local park is a fantastic way to stretch your fat tires after a long winter and reconnect with nature.


Tourism Websites and Visitor Centers

Riding electric bikes is a time-honored pastime. Most communities, chambers of commerce, and towns understand a great way to bring in tourists is through promoting local trails. If you visit these websites and visitor centers, you’ll likely find new and exciting paths that you’ve never heard of before.


Local Bike Shops

No one knows your area better than local bike shops. They will have a few “experts” on hand who enjoy everything from long-distance cruising to mountain bike trail work. Ask them where they like to ride the most, and you may be surprised at how much your area has to offer.


Beaches and Boardwalks

As long as your eBike for adults is allowed, the local beach boardwalk can be an excellent riding experience. Even better, most of these locations will have delicious ice cream stands or pop-up food trucks so you can get in a riding session and a potential new lunch spot.


Local Touring Companies

Most communities have historical tours, seasonal events, or even flower garden presentations that involve bike tour docents. Reach out to these experts to find out the trail they plan on using and you will likely be treated to a historical experience you cannot find otherwise. In many cases, their route will be posted on their company website.


Cycling Groups or Clubs

If you have a deep love for electric bike, why not share it with a group of like-minded individuals? You can find all kinds of cycling groups, from competitive racers to relaxing Sunday afternoon enthusiasts. Start by visiting your local coffee shop billboard and you’re likely to find a great new group of friends.


Social Media

The final suggestion on our list of ways to find new areas for your electric bikes is social media. Look on Instagram for localized hashtags or geotagging, TikTok for engaging videos of nearby trails, or even Facebook for groups that may share your love of a motorized bike.


Final Thoughts

 There are so many beautiful destinations you can enjoy, all with engaging trails and friends. Get outdoors and start looking around using our list of resources. You will quickly find trails, pathways, and roads that you may have never considered before.  Freedare Eden or Saiga eBike, designed for adults, are a surefire way to enjoy the freedom of exploration, one new trail at a time!


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