Choosing the Right eBike for Your Lifestyle

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Owning a quality all-terrain eBike is a beautiful experience. It provides you with the essential freedom you could want when traveling to work, riding with friends on the weekend, or going for an extended camping stay in the wilderness.


The only challenge is matching the type of eBike for sale you want with the lifestyle you lead. While our sales team at Freedare is more than happy to help you navigate the different options we have available, we wanted to provide you with a few upfront questions so you can discover the best fat tire eBike for your unique needs.


Types of eBikes


It’s imperative to remember that not all eBikes are built the same. Each one has differing motor placement or power control based on how you intend to use the transportation method. For instance, you can choose from:


  • Pedal Assist eBike: A motor is in place to assist you once you reach a certain speed or level of throttle. This is best for those who enjoy help on more challenging terrains.
  • Throttle: Similar to a motorcycle, this is a fully powered eBike that relies on a motor instead of pedaling.
  • Hybrid: Allows you to enjoy all the benefits of a pedal assist eBike, but with motor backup for when you want to cruise.


On top of the different forms, you’ll likely read up on specific regulations concerning eBikes in your local area. These almost always refer to three different categories of eBikes like:


  • Class 1: A pedal assistance eBike that tops out at 20mph and is best for city commuters.
  • Class 2: A throttle-based eBike good for those who enjoy cruising and tops out at the same 20mph.
  • Class 3: A pedal assist-only eBike with speeds up to 28mph.


Now that you have a better understanding of what types of eBikes are for sale let’s look at some of the questions about your lifestyle that will help determine which is the best fat tire eBike for you.


Where Do You Ride?


Think about what type of terrain and environments you want to ride your eBike on. Do you prefer long beach boardwalks, natural trails in parks, or more rugged options along the mountains? Are you an urban or suburban rider? The type of terrain will directly impact what kind of eBike for sale you should be targeting.


How Much Power Do You Need?


freedare ebike fat tire ebike for adult

A long morning commute is going to require more power than a quick ride to the local grocery store. Think about what type of motor, battery, and torque sensor is included in your best fat tire eBike. You want a combination that ensures you get all the distance you could want in between charging times when you’re not riding your bike. Freedare Saiga is a 750 watt powerful electric bike with 20AH Samsung battery can help you reach to 45-90 miles.


What are You Carrying?


Weight capacity is a significant consideration. Will you be riding alone? Are you towing your kiddos in a trailer? What about your current weight? Look closely at the detailed specifications of your eBike for sale to ensure it can accommodate your weight limit as well as any extra loads if you’re bringing people or shopping items home.


What is Your Budget?


Always work in your budget. Some eBikes for sale on the market are extremely expensive. You want to find a good deal for your price point with all the features, accessories, and included options you can get. Start by looking at our Freedare Eden Step-Through eBike as a good place for comparison. You’ll quickly learn what brands offer value and what ones are simply out to earn a check.


Are You a Commuter or an Enthusiast?


The most important lifestyle decision you’ll make is whether you need an all-terrain eBike or commuter cruiser. A lot of people purchase commuting eBikes and then get disappointed when they try to take those on sand, loose gravel, or snow. A good workaround is to ensure the eBike for sale you’re considering has fat tires. That will help bridge the gap between power and control as you ride.


What Accessories Make Sense for You?


Finally, take a look at the various accessories offered by the brand you’re choosing. You’ll probably want to purchase a second battery in the future or upgrade to a more comfortable seat saddle for longer trips. Knowing these are available from the same manufacturer gives you upgrades whenever you’re ready to expand your eBiking journey.


Final Thoughts


The type of best fat tire eBike you choose should directly reflect the lifestyle you lead. If you are someone that loves adrenaline in the outdoors, an all-terrain eBike is best. If you are someone who needs a dependable commuter, a step-thru eBike is better.


Take some time to figure out your needs and the answers to the questions we’ve provided and you’ll be well on your way to a fantastic new eBike from our team at Freedare!


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