A Local’s Guide to Scenic eBike Routes in Florida

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Florida is home to well over 22 million people, and that number grows exponentially during the season of big boat shows, holidays at amusement parks, or swimsuits on the coast. It's a good place to ride a fat tire ebike so you can get fresh air and peace of mind.


In this quick guide, we’ve outlined some of the better scenic rides that are perfect for your electric bike excursion. This way, you can charge up your battery, grab your water bottle, and meet your friends for a long afternoon in the sun as the coastal breeze fuels your exploration.


Florida eBike Rules You Need to Know


Before we look at the best fat tire ebike rides you should check out around Florida, it helps to know a bit of background on the state concerning electric bikes. Florida classifies ebikes into a few categories:


  • Class 1: An ebike with a pedal assistance motor that reaches up to 20mph for speed.
  • Class 2: An ebike with throttle motors that also max out at 20mph.
  • Class 3: An ebike that can go up to 28mph, but still uses pedal assistance.


You can ride your ebike on the sidewalk as long as the local town allows it. In general, anywhere a regular bike can go, so can your best fat tire ebike. You have to be 16 years or older to operate your own ebike, and helmets are optional (but we highly recommend them).


Always double-check with the town, trail, or park you are riding in first. Now, onto our list!


Best Scenic eBike Routes in Florida


#1 – West Orange Trail


Anyone looking for a smooth fat tire ebike ride needs to try the two-lane, 34-mile connected West Orange Trail. The paved pathway is built on old railroad alignments and offers 14-foot-wide trails that connect urban and suburban sections around West Orange County.


As you ride, you want to stop along Lake Apopka Loop for scenic views and picnicking. You will also get a chance to pop into Winter Garden, a picturesque little town known for delicious foods and local artisan shops.


#2 – The Pinellas Trail


This best fat tire ebike experience is known as Florida’s nationally acclaimed linear park. It extends over 60 miles from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs and is considered a “rail to trail” ride.


When you’re riding around Pinellas County, you’ll be treated to all kinds of natural beauty and cultural landmarks best enjoyed in the cooler early spring and late fall months. The entire pathway is paved, and the landscapes are dotted with relaxing towns like Dunedin, so you can break for a treat or cool refreshment.


#3 – Legacy Trail


On the West Coast of Florida, you’ll find the 18.5-mile stretch of paved paths known as The Legacy Trail. This electric bike ride connects Sarasota in the north to Venice in the south, where you can explore the Venetian Waterway Park for an additional 4 miles of Florida wildlife and scenery.


The trick here is that this trail can get busy during the tourism months. You’ll want to pack plenty of water and snacks because the cafes and picnic spots fill up quickly, so plan ahead to make a reservation at your favorite dining spot.


#4 – The Withlacoochee State Trail


If you have ever wanted a front-row seat to the charm and local culture of Florida, this eBike trail is it! You get a 47-mile trail that winds through river country, forest, and small towns that stretch over three counties (Citrus, Hernando, and Pasco).


The goal of this ride is to follow the Withlacoochee River and spend a little time in Fort Cooper State Park. You will get a little dirt on the otherwise paved pathway whenever there’s been a big rain, but it’s still a relatively smooth ride. Plus, there are all kinds of trailheads and access points if you only want a quick excursion instead of a full day on your best fat tire eBike.


#5 – The Cross Florida Greenway Trail


Any hardcore fat tire eBike rider looking for a full weekend of enjoyable routes around Florida needs to try out the over 80 miles of mountain bike trails and 16 miles of paved trails. The Total Greenway linear park features wooden obstacles, paved cruising areas, and even land bridges that both riders and wildlife use.


Located in North Florida, you’ll still get plenty of access to local towns and cafes whenever you need a break. If you’re a die-hard rider, you should try out the Vortex in the linear park, but we prefer the serenity of nature trails that allow you a little escape from the busier cities like Ocala.


Final Thoughts


Riding any fat tire eBike around Florida is a treat. You get to experience the beautiful wildlife, natural scenery, and culture you won’t find anywhere else in the world. We highly recommend you invest in a versatile ride like the Freedare Saiga All-Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike to ensure you have a smooth and rewarding ride.


Whether you’re organizing a neighborhood ride after a long week of work and family events or simply hoping to spend time alone breathing in some fresh air, the many scenic routes around Florida are the way to go. Be sure to bring along a backup battery, so your ride is never interrupted. Have fun and enjoy Florida!

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