5 Tips to Maximize Your Electric Bike Exercise Routine

5 Tips to Maximize Your Electric Bike Exercise Routine


Cycling is one of the most respected sports in the world. Not only is it featured in the Summer Olympics, but many leading events like the Tour de France have popularized the activity with users everywhere. When you hop on your favorite bicycle, you get exercise that strengthens heart muscles, reduces your resting pulse rate, and lowers blood fat levels.

E-Bikes vs. Traditional Bicycle Fitness

When it comes to quality fitness, many purists advocate for the sheer effort and seat equity you gain from traditional bicycles. The routine pushing of pedals brings many benefits you don’t have to sacrifice with a quality option like any of our Freedare electric bikes.

E-bikes offer a unique workout regimen where electric assistance balances your hardcore exercise and the convenience of going anywhere you want. Instead of thinking of e-bikes as replacing your fitness routine, consider how they complement by allowing you to tailor your exertion level and distance, making the entire experience far more accessible and enjoyable.

Own an e-bike doesn’t mean you cannot get a phenomenal workout. There are plenty of ways to boost your health and fitness using Freedare electric bike and other e-bikes.


Tips for E-Bike Exercise


1 – Get Your Heart rate Up

Just like any other cardio-based exercise, the key to an effective e-bike workout begins and ends with getting your heart pumping. You can use intermittent sprints where you peddle for a short duration and then switch back to the electric motor for a quick break. You’ll be able to mix in sprints with your e-bike’s assistance to reduce any downtime or wear on your body.

Try to keep your body nice and relaxed throughout the ride. By mixing up your power source, you’ll go on longer trips, which can be rough on your body’s structure. Take breaks and watch your posture.

At the very least, stretch first. This way, you can maximize your workout and avoid Charlie horses. A good starting point would be:

  • Quadriceps Stretch (Front thigh)

  • Hamstring Stretch (back thigh)

  • Calf Stretch

  • Hip Flexor Stretch

  • Lower Back Stretch

  • Chest and Shoulder Stretch

  • Neck Strech

  • Piriformis Stretch (Deep Hip Muscle)


2 – Go the Distance


Perhaps the best advantage of riding an electric bike for your workout is you are no longer restricted by hills or distance. You can add miles to your workout to see specific scenery or compliment your workout with essential stops on your daily “to-do” list.

Imagine getting in a solid exercise on a Freedare Saiga before pausing at the park 10 miles away to meet with friends for lunch. Or visit the beach in the town nearby so you can combine improving your tan with a bit of sweat. It’s a win-win!


3 – Start Slow


Riding an electric bike is incredibly straightforward. However, if you’re a beginner or haven’t used an e-bike in a while, you may be surprised at how far you can go. You don’t want to be 20 miles away and realize you’ve got quite a trip to get back home.

Start your exercise slowly. Take the time to learn the subtle nuances of balance and power of your machine. Then, over time, gradually increase your speed and distance so you are 100% assured you can enjoy the ride while being safe.


4 – Choose an Appropriate Assistance Level


The beauty of a premium-grade e-bike is that you can control how much power from the battery you’ll be using. For example, when you hop on the Freedare Eden, you get a step-thru design that keeps your posture well-supported and allows you to dismount/mount with ease. Once you’re settled, you can set a lower power assistance, so you work harder on the pedals to increase your exercise.

This is a crucial benefit for anyone who likes to mix up their workout routines similar to HIIT training. With intensity level control, you’ll get more out of the resulting fitness session.


5 – Plan Your Route


Strategic route planning with your e-bike will make all the difference. Maybe you want more hills on your terrain for added resistance or a lower-intensity route that is flat but with science views of your local area.

No matter what you choose – plan it out. This reduces the decision you must make during your exercise so you can sit back and relax through your ride.


Benefits of Boosting Your Fitness on an Electric Bike


Apart from the obvious peak of swift commutes with your e-bike, you also get a ton of exercise benefits. Freedare electric bikes are far less physically taxing on your joints and muscles, providing you with the comfort you need during an effective workout. That is especially beneficial for those recovering from recent injuries.


Then, there are the many psychological effects of going outdoors that will boost your happiness and health. An e-bike is highly adaptable to a range of surfaces. You control how much effort you put out during this eco-friendly adventure.


Couple all that with the anti-theft and monitoring controls found on our Freedare models, and you will have an enriching experience.




Electric bikes have moved way past a fad. These are the wave of the future. They provide you with a surefire, safe, and easy-to-use solution for commuting, daily errands, and fantastic exercise. Gear up, hop on, and put your Freedare e-bike to use. You’ll enjoy a smooth way to pedal your way to better health.




Do you actually get exercise on an e-bike? 

Yes! Even with the electric assistance, you can control the pedaling power you’ll need to burn calories and build up a good sweat.


How do I burn more calories on my electric bike? 

Shoot for more intense workouts by lowering the electric assistance to add resistance. You may also want a route with more hills, and even consider shooting for a certain pedal speed to maintain over a more extended period.


How do you use an e-bike efficiently? 

Efficient e-bike usage involves understanding its features and capabilities. Customize your ride using adjustable power levels, maintain a steady pace, and make use of electric assistance judiciously. 



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